Going Home

A tribute to David Bowie.
Staring at heaven,
Reaching up to the stars,
Embracing the evening,
In a cold wind of Mars,
I know where I came from,
Now I want to go back,
My home's up there somewhere,
Far from the beaten track.

I've led me a good life,
But now I'm getting bored,
It's time to go home now,
Somewhere far abroad,
My spirit is hankering,
It knows where to go,
And it's taking me with it,
Heart, mind, and soul.

I'll be sorry to leave you,
That much I will say,
But I can't take you with me,
You all have to stay.
Sometime in the future,
When your boredom sets in,
When you fly up to meet me,
I'll embrace you again.

But for now I must leave you,
My sand's running low,
Be it minutes or hours,
I don't really now,
But time's spinning faster,
As my journey begins,
So let me bid you all farewell,
Until we meet again.
Published: 1/19/2016
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