Golden Brown Hair

Golden brown hair color is a stunning hair color, which gives a radiant look. This article will help you pick the right hair shade of golden brown that goes with your skin tone...
Golden hair color is one of the shade of blonde or yellow. Golden blonde hair color have a lot of shine, and these hair color look very flattering. While brown hair color suit people who have cool skin tones, and brown hair color is a toned down color. When these two color are combined a subtle, but not so subtle hair color which is golden brown color is created. If you wish to dye your hair into golden brown shade, or already have brown or golden hair color and need the touch of hair coloring for blending gold and brown, then use these ideas...

Is Golden Brown for You?
Before, we start looking at the various hair color ideas on golden brown hair color, first let us discuss a little bit of cool and warm skin tones. This is important as getting the wrong hair color can make your face look pale or sick.

People who belong to the cool category should avoid completely dyeing their hair with a pack of golden brown hair color. As gold is a warm color, and doesn't suit people with cool category. Hence, people who belong to this category should dye their hair in a shade of dark brown hair and get some subtle streaks of golden color. So, such people should avoid a dye of golden brown with blonde hair highlights, but just on a base of brown use gold highlights.

People who belong to the cool category, have skin tone which can be bronze or brown complexion after tanning, dark brown complexion, pale complexion with pink undertones or no color, medium complexion with light pink color in the cheeks or no color, medium complexion with golden undertones, or an olive complexion. The eye color of people belonging to the cool category can be dark blue, grayish blue, hazel colored with light flecks, dark brown or blackish brown.

For people who belong to the warm category, golden brown hair dye suits readily. People belonging to this category can go with dark or light golden brown colors. However, if you want a little toned down but still flattering look, you should consider medium golden brown. You can also on a base of brown hair color get chunky hair highlights of golden shade. Golden brown hair with highlights that are chunky give a nice sun kissed look, while golden brown hair with lots of skinny streaks give a nice textured hair look.

People who belong to the warm category have brown skin tone with pink or golden undertones, freckled complexion, pale complexion with peach or golden undertones or a ruddy complexion. The eye color can be hazel colored with golden or brown color flecks, greenish blue eyes, green eyes or golden brown eyes.

How to Get Golden Brown Color?
If you already have a hair color base of brown or golden, then you need to use highlights of the other color. Make sure you pick the right shade of hair highlights. For people who have golden blonde hair color, they should go with lowlights of brown hair color. Avoid trying to get lowlights at home, as a professional is required for the job. However, if you are thinking of getting highlights, then you can use cap method for highlighting hair at home.

Make sure you take good care of your dyed hair, as colored hair tend to fade if they are exposed too much to the sun. So, wear hats or scarves when out in sun. Also, use the hair care products which are specially made for color treated hair.
By Pragya T
Last Updated: 9/29/2011
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