Gone - Chapter 4

What happened to Rue?
Anton's POV

Her beautiful blue eyes slowly fluttered open as confusion marked her features. At first I knew she had forgotten what happened last time, but then she slowly remembered. I could see her thinking, and if I knew my little sister, she was going to have some questions. But I could not tell her the truth, not yet, not when she already missed Keiro so much. I couldn't just throw another heavy burden on her shoulders. I had to keep the secret to protect her though, and that is what she would not understand. She would see it as betrayal from her older brother, the one who always took care of her. I needed Keiro, and I needed to be able to prove what I told her was true before I could tell her anything.

"Anton?" Her voice sounded a bit weak, and I understood why. I had drained her of her energy, it wasn't painful, I'd never hurt her, but she would be exhausted.

"Yes sweetheart?" I asked calmly.

"What happened?" She looked at me, and I had to force myself to hold her gaze.

"Well, last night you were saying something about how you didn't feel good, then you fainted." I inwardly cringed at the lie I just told her, feeling awful.

"Are you sure? Because I could have sworn-" Suddenly there was loud banging on the door, stopping her mid-sentence. I walked downstairs, opened the door, and some guy with brown hair stormed in, and turned to me.

"Where is she?" He demanded, and I began to get angry. The only 'she' he could be talking about was Rue and he was not going to get anywhere near her, since I had no idea who he was.

"Who are you?" I asked curtly, glaring at him.

"I'm-" His sentence was cut off by Rue's voice.

"Xav, is that you?" She asked a bit quietly.

"Yes baby it's me, are you okay? I didn't see you at school and I was worried." Did he just call my sister baby!?

"I'm fine I-" Once again the sentence was cut off by me, because Rue was still too exhausted to be standing very long, and she started to faint. Without thinking, I used my super speed to catch her before she hit the ground. As I laid her on the couch, I realized Xavier had seen me.

"Not. A. Word." I threatened as I glared at him. He seemed a little scared of me, which I liked. "Come back tomorrow and visit her." He nodded and walked out of the door.


Rue's POV

I slowly opened my eyes and I was on the couch. The house was dark and I looked over at an alarm clock. It was 3. In the morning. I hadn't looked for Keiro that night. I got up, put my black skinny jeans on, black shirt and black shoes and hoodie, brushed my hair, pulled the hood over it, and walked in the blissful night. I was still exhausted for some reason, so I could barely walk.

I kept walking, and a hand came around my waist and something sharp came to my throat. I was too tired to fight, so I calmly stood statue still, so I wouldn't get my throat slit.

"Hey little lady, my boss sent me to give you a proposal. We've been watching you, and apparently you're Xavier's girlfriend. Well, we have his older brother and your older brother nearby." My heart started beating faster, maybe I could saved them! "Well, if you give yourself in exchange for them, we will let them go free, but you will be ours. And by ours, I mean you will be Lifeless' property." My heart sank. I'd never see my brothers or Xavier again. But I saw how sad Xavier was when he talked about his older brother, and Keiro meant everything to me, so in my mind there was only one answer. And the answer was, yes.

"So? Do you accept?" I nodded, careful not to slit my own throat. He laughed heartily and put a black cloth over my face and led me away.


Keiro's POV

I had a black cloth over my head, and I was in some type of vehicle I think. I was with some other guy, who seemed to be around Anton's age, but I didn't know because I only heard his voice. Suddenly someone started yelling at us to get up and they led us out of the van.

"You are being set free. Both of you. Someone cared enough about you both to give themselves up for you." Hmmm, that's weird. But I'm extremely thankful to whoever it was, and I would try to save them one day.

One guy pushed me, and as I fell the black cloth came off my face. To the left of me I saw a girl with a black cloth over her face, a knife to her neck, and some guy kissing on her neck laughing. I looked at the girl's body and gasped.

It was Rue.

I tried to say something, but a rag was shoved in my mouth.

My beautiful twin sister gave herself up for me and this guy.

She sacrificed herself to endure the torture instead of me.

I was going to murder everyone in Lifeless.


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Published: 9/12/2012
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