Good, Better, And Worst

You rise, and then you further rise again. But instead of rising to the apex, you find yourself at the bottom.
Good, better, and worst,
I knew you expected 'best',
Because that sounds interested,
Do I call it fate?
Or destiny in a cage?
In the beginning, I thought I had fooled,
Later did I know the strength of the pull.

I sit, crawl, and stand,
I should have been running an errand,
Yet here I sit trying to crawl again,
When those I stood with, now chase a train,
For three different era have these happened,
And I knew definitely, the line would not bend,
Yet I sit with my hands in my groin,
Waiting for my fate to be determined by a coin.

I was nearing the apex of the pole,
Now I struggle at the bottom to get a hold,
With this sweat lubricating my palm,
How long can I climb, now that I'm dropping down,
But I know there's hope to see the light again.

Good, better, and worst,
I know I will never rest,
Until the worst becomes best.
Published: 10/18/2013
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