Last Hope - Chapter 2: Resistance

"This marriage is happening, whether you like it or not. We want peace. The humans want peace."
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Ayu: (4:45PM) I think my neighbor is a vampire.

Haru: (4:45PM) You're probably being paranoid, as you usually are.

Ayu: (4:45PM) I hope so.

Kai: (4:46PM) Do you need some help, Ayu? I've already killed 52 vamps.

Haru: (4:46PM) 52?! What are you - a vampire hunter?

Kai: (4:46PM) I guess you could call me that.

Ayu: (4:46PM) Wow, that's a lot...

Haru: (4:48PM) Why do you kill so many of them, Kai? What do you have against them?

Kai: (4:49PM) I like killing them. It's fun.

Ayu: (4:49PM) Um...

Haru: (4:49PM) Psycho...

Riku: (4:49PM) Kai is doing the right thing. We need to cleanse this world of vamps. They're creatures of Hell.

Haru: (4:49PM) Ugh, please. Spare me the religious talk.

Kai: (4:50PM) Don't tell me you have a soft spot for vamps, Haru.

Haru: (4:50PM) I don't! I just think it's... stupid to kill them.

Kai: (4:52PM) What choice do we have? They're evil predators that are older and stronger than us. They need to kill us to survive. They're a threat to humanity and we need to hunt them down, before they destroy us.

Haru: (4:52PM) Or we could let scientists study them? Find out why they are that way, what's in their system that makes them dependent on blood, and how to cure them.

Ayu: (4:52PM) Yeah, maybe that way, we could also figure out how to stay young and beautiful like them.

Haru: (4:52PM) Exactly. We don't need to resort to murder.

Riku: (4:53PM) Nah. That's crazy talk. I agree with Kai. These vamps are Serial Killers. We should eliminate all those Satanists. God Hates Fangs.

Haru: (4:53PM) Please, can you refrain from bringing religion into this, Riku?

Kai: (4:53PM) Yeah, bro. It's kinda annoying.

Haru: (4:53PM) See? Even Kai agrees.

Riku: (4:56PM) Fine.

Haru: (4:56PM) Thank you.

Nat: (5:12PM) Hey, everyone! I'm back from the gym.

Kai: (5:12PM) Welcome back, dork.

Nat: (5:12PM) Thanks, Oniisan. :)

Ayu: (5:13PM) Hey Nats. How was your day?

Nat: (5:15PM) It's alright, thanks for asking! Did you guys hear that the law is changing? Vampires will soon have civil rights.

Kai: (5:18PM) Oh, hell no!

Riku: (5:18PM) Those creatures don't need rights. They're not humans.

Haru: (5:19PM) I have mixed feelings towards this. On one hand, there are good vampires that want to integrate into our society normally. Then there are problematic vampires - those who want to rule over us.

Kai: (5:20PM) There's no such thing as a 'good' vampire.

Riku: (5:20PM) You're talking out of your ass, Haru. They're all evil.


Location: Alleyway, Cedar Avenue.
Time: 12:03 am, February 10th 2072.

The centuries-old cedar trees formed a scenic alleyway that seemed eerie in the obscure night. Tied up against one of the trees, with his hands behind his back, was a young man in his twenties writhing around, desperately trying to break free. Tears were streaming down his cheeks, as he stared in horror at the nocturnal predator before him.

One of the most beautiful predators he had ever encountered. Her skin glowed in the moonlight like a luminous angel. Her eyes, like deep-purple crystals, were gazing into his. Void of emotions, uncaring about his struggle. Her hair, like a thick, dark waterfall, emitted the refreshing scent of sea breeze. Her beauty was magical, hypnotizing him, as he couldn't resist following her into depths of the night.

Little did he know, he had walked into her traps.

"P-please, don't hurt me," he said with a tiny, trembling voice. "I... I'll do anything... please."

"You humans are so pathetic," she said. She spoke with such softness, yet her words were acidic.

"Such stupid and puny preys. Such worthless opponents, like measly ants."

She tilted the stranger's neck, exposing his flesh to her. Stroking his neck with her fingers, she could feel his pulse throbbing rapidly.

"There are so many of you, and so little of us. If the scales were even, I can guarantee that we would wipe you out."

She grinned at him, exposing her sharp, white fangs.

"Look at you. Terrified for your meaningless life. Tell me, why should I spare you? What value do you have?"

"I..." He croaked, racking his mind desperately for an answer. "I'm a doctor. I save lives. I organize events that raise money for charity, for terminally-ill patients."

He closed his eyes, as more tears were flowing out of him.

"I always think about others and I'm always working so hard... For once, I wanted to satisfy my own needs... I didn't mean to upset you, or take advantage of you in any way... I'm sorry."

She looked at him for a moment. Then a low snicker escaped from her, which eventually transformed to a full-blown, maniacal laughter. He opened his eyes and stared at her fearfully. She looked so crazy, laughing her head off in the otherwise silent and cold night.

"Please... Let me go... I promise I will do whatever you want. I'm forever in your-"

She grabbed his tongue, silencing him.

"How cute," she sneered. "What makes you think I care that you're a doctor, when you save human lives?"

She yanked his tongue harder, making him wince in pain. Her eyes revealed how bloodthirsty she was.

"Besides, I need my midnight feast."

A loud, violent scream erupted through the night, making the birds fly far away from the area. The stranger's eyes rolled to the back of his head. Blood trickled down his neck, which poured down his body, and stained the grass beneath them.


Location: Monsuta Imperial Castle, Hakone.
Time: 6:02pm, Feburary 16th 2072.

"You must be joking, Father."

The young vampiress glared at King Leandro, her deep-purple eyes glinting in the evening light like onyx gemstones. She bared her snow-white fangs, hissing in a predatory manner, wanting to grab the elder vampire's full attention. He merely looked at his smartwatch with his unamused, droopy eyes.

"We have been through this a hundred times, Sera-chan. My mind is already made up and there's nothing you can do to change it," he said in a monotone voice, seeming resigned from this confrontation.

"You are spitting in the faces of our ancestors!" Seraphina shrieked, as she balled up her fists, her knuckles turning paper-white.

"How many of us did we lose to those worthless humans? How many of us suffered and died at their filthy hands? We were treated like dirt by them for so long, merely for existing in the same world as them, and now you want to hand your daughter - your own flesh and blood - into the hands of one of those disgusting beings?"

King Leandro heaved a long and heavy sigh that bounced around the walls of his castle. He got up from his throne and walked over to his daughter, who had collapsed at the foot of the steps, her body shaking with uncontrollable rage. The elder vampire crouched down and caressed her cheek with his gentle hand.

"My sweet Sera-chan, you are my pride. You are my one and only treasure. I wouldn't tolerate handing you over to any random human. I have specifically requested for the best man, Killoran-san. He is a fine specimen - worth one hundred soldiers! He is the most valuable agent in our country and his morals align with mine - to protect and serve justice. He promised me that he would protect you at all costs; he would put your life above his."

"I don't need protecting, Father!" Seraphina snapped, as she swatted the king's hand away. Her red rosebud lips were twisted into a fierce scowl.

"Have you lost your mind!? This is a human that we are talking about! No human will ever be good enough for me! No human should be with a vampire - let alone one of royal blood! You are making the biggest mistake of your life - do you hear me? You are a blind fool. You cannot see that humans are our mortal enemies and they are conspiring against you. Do you honestly believe that seven centuries of rivalry can be completely demolished with one paltry union?"

King Leandro hung his head, his spirit seeming crushed by his daughter's resistance. His forehead was crinkled with anxiety and distress.

"That's enough, Sera-chan!" A woman's voice exclaimed. Light footsteps sounded from behind the pair.

The young vampiress turned around to see her mother, Queen Ambrosia, approaching her at a steady pace. The queen wore a royal-blue ball gown that covered her ankles, giving the illusion that she was gliding across the mosaic tiles. The elder vampiress had a stern look across her youthful face.

"This marriage is happening, whether you like it or not. We want peace. The humans want peace. Both sides have lost a great deal. Both sides have suffered. To leave our past behind, we must focus on the future. That is why we've decided to give your hand in marriage. You are our most prized possession, and you are the symbol of our future generation. By choosing you, we are showing the humans that we trust them and that we are giving our full dedication to this movement."

"But Mother-!"

"We are doing what's best for our kind. You have no say in this matter, young lady," Queen Ambrosia snapped.

"What about our bloodline?" Seraphina demanded, her nostrils flaring with annoyance.

The king and queen exchanged a glance with each other.

"What about it?" King Leandro asked.

"How can you expect an offspring when you are handing me to a pathetic human? We are biologically incompatible. Do you not desire a fit heir to the throne?"

There was a moment of silence, neither of the royal figures knowing how to respond appropriately. Just then, the corridor of the Great Hall swung open and a group of maids bustled in. All eyes were on them. The maids nudged one amongst them - the youngest maid, who stepped forward and bowed to the royal family.

"Um, Your Majesties, it is time for the... um... preparation," she squeaked out.

King Leandro looked at his smartwatch and smiled.

"Ah, of course. Sera-chan, go with them and get ready. The wedding ceremony will begin soon."

The vampiress crossed her arms and huffed in annoyance, glaring at her parents with a rebellious countenance. They both stared back at her, neither wavering in their authoritative stance. Seeing that they weren't backing down, Seraphina gritted her teeth and walked away, her heels stomping loudly with her aggressive steps. She barged past the maids, shoved through the corridor and disappeared from their sight.

'I'll make sure everyone regrets this,' she thought bitterly. For a moment, she thought of Sharugo and gave a grimace of disgust.

'Especially him.'
Published: 3/21/2019
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