Last Hope - Prologue

A human x vampire romance story. Sounds just like Twilight, right? Well, think again.
For centuries, humans and vampires have been at war. After well over 700 years, humans and vampires decided to end this gruesome war. A human was selected on behalf of humans, and a vampire was selected on behalf of vampires. After a long conversation, it was decided that a human and a vampire would marry to mark the start of peace amongst the two races.

Sharugo Killoran, an agent working for the PSIA, has been selected as the human to marry a vampire. He's been described as a 'workaholic' by many, as he's constantly focusing on his duties and taking on more than he can bear. This will be his hardest mission yet. He packs his belongings and sets off to the mansion, where he will be residing in.

Seraphina Hamasaki is a dark, mysterious and seductive beauty. Her looks often disguise the fact that she's a sadistic and apathetic vampire. She hates all humans, and has no interest in 'Peace'. As chance would have it, she is selected to marry a human. She fought the higher ups, but to no avail. A new room was made in the mansion for her new partner.

This was ideal for neither. But Sharugo quickly learns that the war could start all over again if he couldn't make this work - and he also learns that Seraphina couldn't care less. Will Sharugo win the heart of the cold-blooded vampire, or is their relationship doomed to fail? Will they resort to faking their love? Most importantly, can they prevent another war - or will all hell break loose?
Published: 2/27/2019
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