Good Hair Colors for Black Women

You want to color your hair but you are unsure of which shades would look good on you. Well, if you are African-American, then in this article we give you an overview of those colors that would look best on you.
In today's world, coloring your hair is one of the best ways to not only change the way you look but also express yourself and proclaim your individuality. Not only do hair colors cover up imperfections but they are also the perfect way to highlight the natural hues of your hair. You want to look different but definitely do not want to cut your hair short then you should definitely opt for hair coloring. For Caucasian women, hair coloring can be much easier than for women who have Asian origins or even African-American women. This is because the latter two groups of women tend to have dark hair and it is difficult for hair color to catch on dark hair. But that does not mean it is impossible. For African-American women, another problem crops up because of the tendency for their hair to be dry. In order to ensure that hair coloring does not cause any problems it is important that you consult a professional hairstylist before coloring your hair. A stylist will also be able to guide you about the right colors for your hair.

Ideas for Hair Colors for African-American Women

There are many different options for hair colors that women with an African-American heritage can try out. From blonde to red, brown, and even more dramatic colors like pink and purple, there are no restricting factors, provided the hair coloring is done well and matches the style of the haircut. Given below are some of the predominant shades that are tried out by most African-American women.

Tones of Red
A color that looks brilliant for women of African-American heritage is red. It is one of the most preferred hair colors for women. Shades of red can change your appearance drastically. There are many different shades to choose from bright colors like cherry to darker shades like burgundy. Try shades like reddish blond, bronze with red overtones, or even auburn. Choose vibrant hues that have a resemblance to the shade of the primary color that is red. Shades of red look great on women with medium light or medium brown skin tones.

Tones of Brown
Shades of brown can also look great for women who have naturally dark hair. A deep brown can accentuate the natural color of the hair, and also give it a slightly more natural and complementary look. Shades of coffee brown and even chocolate brown or a caramel can look brilliant on women with a darker skin tone. With hair colors in shades of brown, there is also a slight shine that is imparted to the hair that can make it look beautiful.

Tones of Blonde
Many African-American women are wary of using blonde as a hair color because it may seem like a stark contrast to their natural hair color. The problem also lies in the fact that with shades of blonde, naturally dark hair first needs to be bleached. The process becomes even worse if the hair has been relaxed or chemically straightened. Shades of golden blonde look great for African-American women. Other shades that complement their skin tone are golden bronze, honey blonde, and bronze. If you have short hair, then try and highlight the fringes and bangs. With longer hair, the highlights can be more spread out, giving a dual tone effect.

Dramatic Tones
For younger women, there are many dramatic shades like pink and purple (even a dramatic electric blue) that can look amazing and highlight their individuality and uniqueness. You can opt to have a couple of streaks of the bright color throughout your hair, or opt for a single block of color. Another option would be to opt to color your fringes or bangs or even just the tips of your hair. It can be just the statement you may have been looking for.

These are some of the most popular colors for women of African-American heritage. So if you are looking for a change in the form of some hair color, then try out some of these hair color ideas and enjoy the envious glances that you are sure to get.
By Tulika Nair
Published: 3/28/2011
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