Good Life with Friends

Friendships are special and everyone must at least have one because it shapes who you are. I love my friends but when we fight it breaks my heart. Some friends even try to crush you because they love seeing you in pain. Who is a true friend? How do we stay strong even when we aren't the people our friends want?
Above the influence. A big word that means staying out of trouble, not drinking alcohol because you have problems, staying who you are not who people want you to be. For example I have a best friend, she last year was an innocent girl. Someone who you could trust for anything, she hated the idea of tattoos or piercings or getting drunk just for the fun of it; mind you she is 15. She used to be so much fun, a loving girl who loved life. This year she took a turn for the worse in my opinion. She started leaving her old life for a life below the influence. She is an emotionless robot when I talk to her, all she ever says is 'cool, nice, or wow' even when I have good news. She is obsessed with One Direction and I don't mean a small obsession. You could never have a regular conversation with her without hearing a stupid detail about one direction. I love her as a sister but I hate her change. She is getting blonde highlights for her blonde hair. She wants a tattoo, she drinks alcohol because she says she can. She even used to self-harm because she missed her adopted mother but personally I think she just did that because she wanted some attention. My best friend is not the girl I knew one year ago, she turned into something else, and my parents always tell me to forget about her because she can make her own decisions. But, I could never leave her, she was my best friend, but now I am not sure anymore. I don't want to be friends with someone who has turned into a monster because of "high school". She curses on Facebook and Twitter and even around my parents in the car. I used to love her as a sister, now she is just a stranger to me.

Friends are amazing gifts that God has given us. I see this girl at school every day, she looks a bit of a mess. But, I bet she is a very nice girl that has a full personality. Learn to never judge people.

A true friend is someone who you can trust with your life! You can tell that person anything and not be afraid of secret being spilled. That true friend could act like your sister sometimes. Some signs if you have a friend that is true or considered 'like' a sister to you:

1. Your friend is happy for you no matter what the situation is.

2. Your friend isn't competitive over popularity.

3. Your friend is honest, she/he can tell you anything even if it is a huge secret.

4. Your friend is ready to help no matter the situation you are in.

5. She/He is a good listener, someone who could listen for hours but always have something helpful to say in the end.

6. The last and biggest one is TRUST. Can you trust your friend?

Everyone on this planet probably wants a true friend, I can understand it, especially if you have been through a hard time. Friends are the ones that are always at the end of the rope when you have lost all hope in everyone else. Some friendships start at the beginning of life and never stop till the end.

Previously I just called my best friend some nasty and hurtful things because I could not keep it locked inside me anymore. I know it was the worst decision ever because my BFF and I have both had such hard times, one word could crush us. I hurt her, and I know it, so why am I not apologizing? I am not saying sorry because I know we both need time to talk to other people. We fight A LOT! In the end we both need time away from each other. So if you are having friendship issues, take a break from he/she, don't talk to them and let them and you have some personal space. I love my friends to death, because if I did not have them, I probably wouldn't be here. Everyone fights at times and those times are best for some personal space away from the situation.

So, how do we stay strong when all we want to do is fall? Don't look back, never look back at the past because my recent saying is- "Don't judge me by my past, I don't live there anymore." If you really can't stay strong, find someone to talk to, whether it's your best friend, friends from school, or even teachers. Everyone will, at one time, know what you have gone through and give you some advice. I have been through so much in my life so I just need some better friends. Whenever I can't talk to my best friend I talk to my best guy friend. I know he probably doesn't care about anything I say, but I know that he will listen. These days I listen to a hashtag by Demi Lovato saying #StayStrong. Never give up on your friends, because they are always there in the end waiting for you to come back.

"What are friends? My life has consisted around one or two friends because no one really ever liked me. Getting in fights with friends end my life sometimes, it breaks me. I hate telling people my honest truth about them because I know everyone will get mad. So do I lie? Yea sometimes if the people I most care about will become hurt. I am sick of people hurting me and not caring about me but when I stand up against someone else, why am I the one who always gets hurt or in trouble? I am staying strong and that means not going back to my past but living up to my future. #StayStrong"
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Published: 12/24/2012
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