Good Luck Charms

Just like miracles happen to those who believe in them, good luck charms bring good fortune to those who have complete faith in them. Take a look at some lucky charms that are known to work across various religions and faiths.
Believe in them, or consider them to be a bunch of superstitions, all of us have been asked to carry a good luck charm with us at some point in time. For that exam, for a big interview, for the big date, for the business deal, some of us believe in that lucky charm which will help us get through a supposed tough time. Whatever your belief, there are certain things that are known to bring good luck and fortune (among certain religions and faiths) to those who wear or carry them. A lot of people believe in them, and keep them around so as to attract all the wealth and fortune life has to offer.

List of Popular Good Luck Charms

Whether these are good luck charms that work or not, is for you to use them and decide. Take a look at these attractors of fortune and wealth, and use them to bring you the same.

Charm Description
Horseshoe When placed above the main entrance or the doorway of a home or office, they horseshoe symbol is known to provide good fortune to its residents.
Lucky Penny Finding a penny lying on the ground (with the heads up) is known to be very lucky. It is kept in the wallet (and never spent), to attract wealth and fortune.
Tigers Tigers are known to be one of the many lucky Chinese symbols, as they are assumed to guard us against dangerous perils.
Four Leaf Clover/ShamrockSince four leaf clovers are rare in comparison to their three-leaved counterparts, finding such a leaf is considered to be very lucky.
Laughing Buddha The laughing Buddha placed opposite the door of a residence or a commercial space, is considered one of the best good luck charms for money, and is known to bring lots of wealth to the residents of the space. Heighten your luck with wealth by rubbing the belly of the Buddha.
Garlic One of the many lucky symbols to keep vampires at bay, wearing a chain of garlic around the neck is known to provide protection from evil, and in fact, very lucky.
Rainbow Rainbows are considered to bring good luck because they have a pot of gold at the end of them.
Wishbone As the name suggests, a wishbone allows you to make a wish. It is a two-pronged bone held by two people who make a wish and then tug on it. As the wishbone breaks, the person who gets the larger piece of the two is known to see her/his wish materialize.
Bamboo The small bamboo plant, popularly known as the Lucky Bamboo is known to attract good fortune, according to the beliefs of Feng Shui. It is said that these bamboos should be gifted to each other and not purchased for oneself.
Turtles Turtles are another great symbol of good luck and fortune according to the beliefs of Feng Shui. They are known to provide protection to the home and enhances the vibe of abundance.
Scarabs Scarabs are one of the ancient Egyptian were considered as good luck symbols for those who found them.
Goldfish As a gift for a loved one, a pair of goldfish are known to serve as blessings from your side. They are also known to attract wealth in large amounts.
The Number Seven It hasn't achieved the title of 'Lucky 7' for no reason. Popular as a good luck charm among various faiths and beliefs such as Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism, anything to do with this number is believed to bring good luck.
Sharks Tooth Wear one around your neck, or place it in your house, a shark's tooth will protect you from the evil eye, and even take care of you with its healing powers. Moreover, good luck and fortune will be naturally attracted to you.
Dream Catcher Emerging from the Native American culture, dream catchers have made it to this list because of their ability to keep bad dreams away, and capture and eliminate the bad in the dreams or nightmares you have.
The Cross Crosses are religious symbols belonging to Christianity, which are known to ward off the devil. Wearing one around the neck, or simply keeping a Cross with you will protect you from the evil eye.
Nautical Star As a guide to sailors all along, the nautical star is known to bring good luck with it.
Shooting Star Shooting stars are very rare, and upon seeing one if you wish for something, it is known to be granted.
Ladybugs Ladybugs that land on you are known to be messengers of good luck and fortune, but killing one brings about equal amount of bad luck.
Rabbit's Foot Carrying the symbol of a rabbit's foot is known to protect travelers from any mishaps on their journey.

Religious symbols and the good fortune they bring are definitely going to vary from one another. The reason why some believe that good luck charms really work is because of their faith in them. Faith can move mountains it is said, and the mere faith in an object or a ritual that is known to provide good luck is what brings it about. Why do you believe that your lucky pen will get you through a tough test, or keeping your lucky key chain with you will protect you from any mishaps, or wearing the lucky shirt will help you crack that interview? It is only because of your immense faith in it. Based on this theory, several objects can qualify as lucky charms, that will bring you the fortune that you believe you truly deserve. In effect, it is your faith that is the real lucky charm here.
By Puja Lalwani
Published: 11/3/2010
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