Good Night Kiss!

My heart is filled with countless joys because I love you!!
On this silent night,
I walk under the pale moonlight,
Caught beneath the stars above...

I watch the stars dance,
To the music of our love,
As I lay in solitude,
Under the deep blue sky...

My mind filled with thoughts of you,
It makes laying here worthwhile,
As though my mind is in a trance,
Brewing thoughts so untrue,
And I can't help wondering... what to or not to do,
Simply because I am away from you.

Happy moments between us... indeed may be few,
My heart is filled with countless joys,
Because I love you.

Stars above are watching me now,
Accompanying me as I miss you...
I beckon the stars to carry my love to you... with a good night kiss,
And they cluster to draw me a picture of you...
Published: 3/11/2013
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