Good Pranks for Sleepovers

Good pranks for sleepovers can make a long night fun, exciting and an enthralling experience. So if you are looking for some fun pranks to do with friends on sleepovers, you have come to the right article.
Inviting friends or cousins for sleepovers means a night of fun and laugh. Sleep is not invited on such occasions because once you close friends; the night becomes exciting itself and tiredness and fatigue rush out. In this fun-filled night, good pranks for sleepovers are something which will add more spice to the night and make it memorable. Get-together between friends is always a great idea because you suddenly live life the fun way. Friends bring back the good-old memories and great prank ideas become the unspoken gift of friendship by default.

Now if you're holding a get-together session after a long time. It is essential that it's well planned so that your friends coming have a great time. However, remember that if you do think of pranks, ensure you play it on people who actually appreciate it and not get angry. Whenever you think of good silly jokes, the fun is maximum if you play it on a sleepover. So here are some great examples of sleepover pranks.

Good Sleepover Pranks
You don't need to rent out movies or go for long drives on nights, when you can think of pranks. So let's make the night more awesome. Let the fun begin!

Start talking about a random topic and when no-one's looking at you, stick an Alka-Seltzer in your mouth and scare everyone around you.

To pull this prank, it's very necessary that everyone is asleep. Set an alarm at the most oddest hour and let it ring and disturb everyone. Someone has to get up to shut it down. Make sure you've set the alarm at different places. This mean prank will surely annoy your friends and just make them lose their precious sleep.

If you want to get out a dark secret from your friend's mouth, place a strong deodorant near their nose while they are sleeping. Ask them the question and get crazy answers.

One of the best pranks is to put a bit of toothpaste or shaving cream in the person's ear. When he/she senses something is wrong, they will obviously touch it and put it more inside the ear.

This is yet another prank. To make this prank work, you'd have to make sure that your bed has detachable legs. Once your friend is asleep on the bed, just unscrew the two legs but make sure the bed still balances on the rest two. The people who are going to sleep on it will have the fear of their life and you will have the last laugh.

This is one of the best examples of sleepover pranks, is your friend's bed always a mess? You can slip in a rubber snake into the mess and see how much time he/she takes to see it. Be sure that you place the snake under his sheets and see how long he/she takes to find the rubber snake. If you want to hear some louder screaming place the snake near the foot area.

You can call this a revenge prank because it's going to be pretty mean. Get some itching powder and sprinkle it in the socks of the victim. The poor target will not stop itching for many hours.

Play this prank on a friend who has arachnophobia. Place a rubber spider near his pillow, chances are he/she won't even see the spider until they lie comfortably in his/her bed. Imagine the face of your friend when he/she freaks out at the sight of spiders.

So these were some examples of good pranks for sleepovers. You can play these hilarious pranks on friends and people and have a gala time. Just a word of caution, always play these pranks on people who can handle them because the people who can't will react in an unexpected manner and spoil the fun for everyone.
By Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Last Updated: 9/22/2011
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