Goodbye II

When romance no longer burns a candle.
Something is not right,
Something is wrong,
Something has gone,
Our love seeps away,
Slowly it fades,

The stage that we set, the play that we wrote,
The acts and the scenes...
We played out our dreams,
The dance that we danced, the songs that we sung,
The magic we made...
Was our passion play.
It seems!

Mystery fades,
Into the shade,
Shallow is our grave,
Cold is the heart,
Deep are the scars,
Thoughts are so far,

From the poems we shared, the flowers in your hair,
The wine and the barley...
Memories of yesterday.
The warmth of the sun, the dew on the lawn,
Venus at morn...
They've all gone too soon.
Fade away!

Tears wake the dream,
Moisten the room,
The damp on the walls,
Shadows to creep,
Into our heads,
Leaving the bed,

The ice on your breath, vaporous words,
That hang in the air...
Remaining unheard.
The wine has gone warm, the flowers have died,
There's no more romance,
Between you and me.
Published: 7/27/2012
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