Goodbye Poems

“...My mornings are getting colder, my nights are getting wrestles, I will never stop thinking about the day I'll have to say it, I’ll have to say goodbye”. These lines from "Letting You Go" by Ivanna M. Torres demonstrate perfectly the emotions that rankle our souls before parting with a beloved. Bidding farewell can never be easy. But knowing you are not the only one left behind is always helpful. Read the thoughts of others on saying goodbye and you may be able to give words to what you are feeling inside.
For Sylva and Gold
A parting prayer for my brother and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Kayode/Wuraola Dasylva.
Like Rain She Cries...
From a while back during a dark part of my life.
This Feeling I Get
I wish you could stay but if you must go, at least say adios to me...
Sayonara, My Lovely Friend
They said it's the saddest word ever said. I've not said it yet, but I'm already feeling the pain and sorrow that comes with it.
Dancer On A Train (Movement)
A haiku-like verse about saying farewell to a dancer on a train, or more specifically, on a car of the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system...
Your Nothing
Being nothing to one you love and finally deciding it is time to move on. It is supposed to be your not you're. your nothing as if nothing is the person belonging to one who feels nothing
Never Say Goodbye
This poem is dedicated to my co-staff nurse Sister Laila, a hardworking nurse in Chest Diseases Hospital, Ministry of Health, Kuwait, who has her complete retirement from work today.
A Drop of Tear
I wrote this when I was feeling depressed, because I knew that I might be leaving my friends behind in a year or two. It's about leaving people behind and not feeling confident about leaving, because you know that they might forget...
Remember Me by Neal
The first poem ever written by me...
Happy Days
22nd of September 2012 and 5th of November 2011.
Say Goodbye... How?
Parting ways with a lover...
How do I Say Goodbye
When it gets difficult to bid farewell to your special someone...
The ending of a chapter. A beginning of a story. What's the difference?
Our Last Goodbye
Ok, so I know when people read, they may be confused about the context in the poem. Well to make this one simple, I was adopted... this is about my dad who adopted me.
Bye My Love
It is a poem dedicated to the person you love and at the same time saying bye.
Remember Me
Remember Me:)
A Day For Goodbye
Forever means nothing in a world of love. There is always an ending and it's always sad.
Lonely And Cold
We had happiness but it is time to depart. Lonely and cold I will be but I'm losing control because my feelings are so deep.
I want to die.
Kiss Goodbye
We all lose people we love, this poem is meant as words of comfort.
Goodbye my friend!
The feeling of losing a friend to an accident. You not being able to say goodbye. Not being able to understand why.
Before I Leave Tonight
I thought I would say goodbye.
It Doesn't Feel Right
Every time I get close to someone, it's great. Then we date, it doesn't feel right.
Fade Away
Just something that I wrote when I got bored on the bus. Hope you guys like it.
When A Heart Says Goodbye…
This is for those who have had to let your heart say goodbye.
Can We Say Goodbye
Are we too late to say goodbye
Final Good-bye
In memory of Kyle Fitzgerald. He was only 13 or 14.
A Colleague is Lost Forever
Saying Goodbye to a Friend From Work
This is for you my lil angel. It takes me time to say it sometimes but I miss you. Big sis luvs you so much :3
Goodbye To You
Friendships thrown away at the toss of a coin.. heads or tails?
Remember Me.......
This is about my ex boyfriend l loved him too much!!! But the bad thing was he was gonna be a father to another chick.... so he stepped up to that and left me to pick up the pieces.... please just comment
Goodbye To A Nephew
Lost loved one...
Blow Me A Kiss!
The way we said goodbye.
Don't cry for me......
The time has come for me to say goodbye to you...
When you said goodbye my eyes felt hot......
Unforgettable school life.....