Gothic Tattoo Lettering

If you want to go in for a tattoo with script, then you may want to consider gothic lettering. This tattoo design will prove to be of help to you to express your inner self. Scroll down to know about gothic style tattoo lettering.
Tattoos have become a rage all over the world now. There are many different types of tattoos, which one can opt for. One of the tattoo styles is the lettering tattoo. Using different tattoo lettering ideas one can make some unique tattoos, one among them is the Gothic lettering. A lot of people have now taken to the gothic style tattoos. There are a number of celebrities who have chosen to get a tattoo made using the gothic tattoo lettering font. Some of them are Tommy Lee, Travis Barker, etc. Before we read about gothic style lettering, we will read in brief about gothic tattoo designs.

Gothic Tattoo Designs

When one talks about the gothic tattoos, one is essentially talking about the tattoo designs which have their origin in the Middle Ages. Around that time, they did seem gloomy, depressing, as they did belong to the dark ages. However, now the Gothic tattoo designs do not stand for darkness anymore. Gone are the days, when they were seen as a symbol of darkness. People now look at it as a piece of art. There are a number of gothic symbols, which are used to make tattoos. The common ones include gothic fairy tattoos, gothic cross tattoos, wings tattoo designs, etc. Often there are spine chilling illustrations of creatures, who are lamenting and weeping covered with thorns drawn on the crosses. In some cases, injury marks often caused by cuts are also seen. You will also come across monsters, weird creatures eating humans, etc. Normally the gothic tattoos are divided into occult tattoos and the fantasy tattoos. The occult tattoos have images of witches, skulls, tarots, demons, ankhs, etc. On the other hand, the fantasy designs are the designs of vampires, dragons, mermaids, fairies, etc.

Gothic Tattoo Lettering

Apart from the various Gothic designs, there are various lettering styles and designs, which can also be used to make tattoos. The tattoo fonts and lettering are also known as Old English tattoo lettering. These fonts were taken from the Old English language. This font was used around 1150 to 1500 A.D. However, it is important to note that it was not the only font, which was used to write the English language.

The best about the gothic lettering is that it has a calligraphic touch to it. A number of flourishes and ornaments are used with the gothic lettering styles, which helps in making the letters stand out. The font used in old English is referred to as blackletter. You can seek help from the old books from the era, to get the exact font as well as the saying, which you can use to make the tattoo.

After choosing the gothic lettering font for tattoos, the next step is to choose the wordings for the tattoo. You either opt for a saying from the era, which appeals to you, or you can opt for wordings, which appeal to you and have them written in the gothic lettering styles for tattoos. Single words can also be used tattoo lettering designs. Alternately names of your loved ones, etc. can also be used to make the tattoo.

This lettering pattern can be used by both men and women. There is absolutely no restriction on who can use the font. Different parts of the body can be chosen to make the tattoo. It is not uncommon to see the tattoo being made on the neck, inside of the wrist, lower back, etc. It will be a personal choice to adorn any part of the body with this tattoo.

When you opt for gothic tattoo lettering, it is important to remember to opt for a tattoo artist, who is well versed with the gothic script. There are very few artists, who are well versed with the script. If the artist is not able to create the script, it can ruin your tattoo. You can also opt for a temporary tattoo and if you like the finished product, you can get a permanent tattoo made.
By Bhakti Satalkar
Published: 1/8/2011
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