Government Grants for Women

Government grants are an assured source of finance, available with minimum set of liabilities. Government grants for women in the US have a special significance, considering the leading role played by women in every field of activity...
The US government has earmarked an amount of $99.7 billion for grants to women for the year 2009. According to a leading women's magazine, women are the most progressive species on this planet. But, historically, they have been subjected to unfair treatment and have been marginalized by society. Therefore, many governments across the world allot special incentives and launch schemes for the welfare of women. Also, on reception of help, a woman is most likely to utilize it for creative purposes. Unlike loan amounts, there is a provision of free government grants for women, which means they do not have to repay the amount. These federal grants for women include financial assistance for completing education, grants for women owned businesses, setup of a non-governmental organization, or for any other constructive activity.

Every year, thousands of women benefit from government grants in the US. These programs help create a strong entrepreneur or uplift a career of a woman. The procedure simply requires them to keep track and meet the nominal eligibility conditions laid down by the government. Examples of grants for women include down payment grants for a house, for which the amount sanctioned is $10,000 for each eligible woman applying for it. Similarly, grants for businesses are $100,000 for home based businesses, and $500,000 for conventional businesses.

Accessing Federal Government Grants for Women

Getting help from a person who have already gone through the process of applying for a grant is one of the best options for a woman. There are fluctuations in government policies and systems. Therefore, it is advisable to take advise from a trusted friend or neighbor who has been a beneficiary of the grant recently. Issues such as eligibility criteria, documents required, variation in the amount received, if any, can be best clarified with the help of such contacts.

Browsing websites is yet another way of getting authentic information for grant provisions, like government grants for minority women. Quite often, in the quest to benefit from federal schemes, you came across people who charge you hefty fees for supplying some information or who may cheat you. However, visiting official sites of the government and searching for relevant information on the Internet, provides access to free and accurate details.

While going through the procedure, always keep in mind that there are certain rules and regulations or obligations to be met for receiving a government grant. Even though these are free of any repayment or income tax hassles, there are liabilities involved, which you must be fully aware of. Even though women get less opportunities than men in many areas of life, the chances that women may exceed a man in some ventures are very high. In fact, 75% of women have more chance of being successful in a new venture than men, and hence easily get grants for small businesses. These grants for women can also include incentives for
  • Pursuing college and/or higher studies
  • Starting a new business venture
  • Expansion or upkeep of existing business
  • Getting a house for relatively low income women
  • Getting some financial relief from personal or family needs
The emergence and flourishing of a modern society is largely dependent on women, because of their all-round nature. It is only a matter of time when women will effectively administer a large part of the civilized society, and government grants for women are just a stepping stone in realizing that goal.
By Prashant Magar
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