Grand Endowment

Life is a gift, bask in its glory.
All is not lost, for thy must know
The test of time still remains,
Deceitful as hope can be,
It still reaps pleasures from the pains.

Mesmerizing pool of life beckons those,
Who think not heaps and take the dive,
So don’t try to die, whilst you live,
Cause death will hit only when you are alive.

Now endure what you have lost,
Amends it is, only which life hath made,
Rejoice in the enchantment of nature,
Spent not a tear on the yesterdays which were frayed.

So keep that smile and chug along,
Dread not the melancholy, which tomorrow might be,
But fear the inadequacy you bestow on your life today,
By not celebrating the grand endowment with glee.
Published: 12/16/2011
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