Grand Parents

A tribute to them on this day, 5th Sept....
My grand parents are no nonsense kind.
With the lecture on discipline they are always behind.
Being with them is a pleasure.
Wonderfully spent is our leisure.
Stories with morals are told.
Our narrations are also heard.
Complaints against friends are solved.
Value of friendship is detailed till we understood.
Creativity and artwork are also improved.
Not a second of leisure is bored.
They shower all their love on us.
They pamper us and create great fuss!!
Our mischief and naughtiness is thoroughly enjoyed.
But damage and destruction are punished.
They remain cross only for a while.
Soon after begins their doting with a smile!
Our grand parents are the greatest.
As teachers they are the best.
Grandpa and Grandma, this is also your day.
Happy teacher’s day!
Published: 9/5/2007
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