Young Jason finds himself at home in the dark with his dying Grandpa.
I woke up to a lot of talking going on downstairs.
My Mom was crying. I was sure of it.

I got out of bed, and cracked open the bedroom door.
"Honey, I think he's gone" My dad said. "We need to call someone."
It had to be my Grandpa. He lived in a room downstairs and was old and sick. I didn't know what to do. Should I just go back to bed and pretend that nothing was wrong? I mean, it wasn't like I knew my Grandpa very well. He was a bit odd. Never sent presents on my birthday. Never came over on Holidays. He just showed up one day when he had no place else to go.

I heard thunder, and the lights flickered, then went out.
"Aww, crap," said Dad. "All we firkin' need!"
"Keep your voice down!" said Mom, "You'll wake Jason."
"Well he does need to know about his Grandpa, I'll go get him."
"NO, said Mom. "Let him sleep, we'll tell him in the morning. He'll be so upset. My Dad just loved Jason."

Just loved me?' He did? I jumped back into bed.

More noises downstairs. I couldn't sleep.
I heard my Dad's truck start up in the driveway and my bedroom door opened a crack. I pretended to be sleeping.
My mom whispered, "Jason? Jason?" and quietly left when I didn't answer.
I went to the window, and watched Mom jump into Dad's truck, and off they went. Probably to town.

Nice! I was alone with dead Grandpa!

I think I slept, but heard a noise. I was thirsty, and seeing as Mom and Dad were out, I thought I would sneak down and raid the fridge.

I grabbed a coke and then I heard a noise, It was Coming from Grandpa's room.
I crept over to his room door, and opened it a crack.

"Donald? Eve?" It was Grandpa. Can someone get me a bloody drink? I gasping, here!"
"Grandpa?" I said. "Are you okay?"
"Heck no, you idiot!. Get me a bloody drink. I'm parched."
"Here, Grandpa, have my soda." I said.
"Prefer a bloody real drink, but this'll do, I guess." he said, gulping it down.

I looked at him in the dark, with just the moonlight from the side window streaming in. He was old for sure. I mean to a kid like me, there is only kids and old people. Funny thing was, in this light he looked younger than I had remembered. He had been sick for a long time. Bedridden. He seemed to be in pain the whole time. Now, though, he seemed happier, smiling, more like, alive.

"Jason my boy! I'm getting up!" Announced Grandpa, and he swung his legs out of bed, jumped up with a flourish and like an athlete held his arms wide open with a bright broad smile on his face!

"You know something Jason? When I was younger, I was one hell of a dancer! LIGHTS" He yelled.

And lights there were! All of a sudden the room got very, very bright. Scared, I scuttled back into the corner of the room, and then music! Loud music! Like from the old movies!
And there was Grandpa, in a black evening suit only much younger. The music got louder. He was on a stage and soon was joined by a beautiful young woman wearing a gold necklace and they danced and they sang and they sang and they danced and moved as if they were as one, and looked deep into each other's eyes the whole time and I knew that they were in love. It was wonderful to watch. They danced, and danced and then the music stopped and the lights went out.

The young woman. She looked familiar to me. Who was she?

And then all of a sudden, I was back in bed. It was very dark, but then a voice. I jumped up, but, there was nobody there.

The voice again.

"Jason?" It was Grandpa. "I need to tell you something. There was an terrible accident and your Grandma... your Grandma, well she died. Your Mom never forgave me for it, and I guess, well I guess I never forgave myself for that either. I wanted to be closer to you, but it was too painful for everyone, so I stayed away. Your Grandma, though, boy, she was quite something. I loved her so much and she was the best dancer I have every danced with or will ever dance with again. I love you boy. We both did."

"Jason? Jason?" it was my mom poking at me.
"I have some bad news... wait, where did you get that?" Said Mom.
I looked down on my chest and I saw that I was wearing an old-looking gold necklace.

Published: 6/13/2019
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