Grape Seed Extract Uses

There are so many grape seed extract uses which are primarily owing to its excellent healing properties. Read this article to gather some useful grape seed extract information.
Grape seed extract is obtained from the small seeds that are found inside red grapes. The two key components of grape seed extract are proanthocyanidins and resveratrol which act as antioxidants and protect our cells from harmful effects of free radicals. Then there is linoleic acid is an unsaturated fatty acid important for human diet. It contains a large number of compounds with high medicinal values. For all these reasons, we find a wide range of grape seed extract uses.

Important Uses of the Grape Seed Extract

Grape seed extract is used both orally as well as topically to treat a large number of health conditions. Here are a few uses:

Cardiovascular Problem: It is highly beneficial for arteriosclerosis or hardening of the arteries, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc., and prevents the chances of heart attacks and strokes.

Circulation Problem: Grape seed extract is used for the treatment of various types of poor circulation related health problems like spider veins, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, etc. It makes the blood vessels stronger, and at the same time facilitate in thinning of blood. The best part is that you can take the capsules without the fear of any gastrointestinal irritation.

Cancer: When taken by cancer patients, it prevents the growth of any malignant tumor further. This is possible because of the presence of resveratrol which interferes with the process of abnormal cell division of the cancerous cells and stops them from growing in numbers. It can even help to shrink some minor forms of tumor as well. It can be taken for prevention of cancer as well.

Cold and Flu: At the very onset of cold and flu symptoms, if you take grape seed extract by mixing a few drops of it to a glass of water or juice, you can prevent further aggravation of the symptoms. To get relief from sore throat, gargle with a cup water to which 3-4 drops of liquid extract has been added.

Allergic Reaction: It works effectively to control allergy attacks. When we suffer from allergies, a specific chemical named prostaglandin is released that causes inflammation and we get sneezing, congestion and other allergy symptoms. Grape seed extract acts as natural antihistamine and stop the release of this chemical. Thus hives, hay fever and other such symptoms can be kept under control.

Skin Problems: Linoleic acid of grape seed extract is good for our skin. Thus direct extract application on various skin problems helps to heal them. Apply it on acne, eczema rash, sunburn, dry, itchy skin twice or thrice a day to get rid of these problems. You can regularly use it as facial cleanser to keep your skin free from acne and wrinkles. It can also be used on the scalp skin to get relief from itchy dandruff.

Nail Fungus: Its antimicrobial properties can fight with nail fungus really well. First of all, dilute 5-10 drops of the liquid extract in a tablespoon of water and then apply the solution on the affected nail. It should be used twice a day for best results. Similarly, it can be used for athlete's foot as well.

Oral Bacteria: It can kill the bacteria present inside the mouth that causes tooth decay and other problems like gingivitis. For this you have to regularly use the extract as oral rinse. Prepare a solution by adding 2-3 drops of the extract into a glass of water. Swish it all around the mouth for few seconds. It should be done twice daily for effective results.

Grape seed extract is available in the form of capsules, tablets and liquids. In general, there are no major side effects of grape seed extract. However, it is not suitable for those who are allergic towards grapes. Moreover, if you have any health problem and are under medications, then talk to your health care provider before taking it as a supplement as it may react with other medicines negatively.
By Bidisha Mukherjee
Published: 7/21/2010
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