Graves Built to Say Goodbye

About someone at a loved ones grave wishing for more time to god..
Wouldn't it be perfect if the days stayed just a little longer?
And we had just one more chance, in this little bit of time to say goodbye.
As our tears water the flowers as we soulfully cry.
But there is still no goodbye.
In a place of night, in a place of dark,
Is the place 6 feet under where your body is now locked.

The stilled angel eyes carved only to mock.
What's a name without a person?
What's a date when you have lost all your time?
Don't you hate it when each time you think your stronger it is only that you're dying a little more inside?
Sealed and healed are not the same,
When emotions are a part of the game.
So God I pray for a little more time, just an hour or two,
Because not all of us get to watch over them after death like you do.

You're not my father, and still you're not a man,
Because you get to live with everyone forever at some point,
And the rest of us just try to survive as well as we can.
Graves were built to say goodbye,
But they are used to cut ourselves a little bit inside.
Because what is there without the pain,
And either way we cannot act, feel, or be the same.
Good or bad?
Really good
Don't care either way
Not great
Super dislike
Hate more then you know
Published: 12/27/2010
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