Gray Hair in Children

Gray hair in children has become a common problem. You must take steps to cure this problem before it becomes a major one covering the entire hair. Here's how you can go about it...
Gray hair problem in children is known as premature 'graying', which is technically termed as 'canities'. The color of our hair is produced by tiny cells known as melanocytes that are a part of the hair follicles. Reduction in the production of melanocyte leads to this problem. Though gray hair is a problem commonly related with aging, premature graying is possible due to various other reasons.

Genetic disorder is known to be one of the most common causes of gray hair in children. Other causes of depletion in melanocytes include vitamin deficiency, especially vitamin B12; thyroid disorders especially hyperthyroidism; Vitiligo, a skin pigmentation disorder, is also known to be a cause of premature gray hair. This is definitely a problem you can't ignore. It would make them look unattractive and dull. If your child has this issue, no need to worry, here are some treatments options to help them.

Home Treatments

Increasing your child's intake of vitamins is the best method. You can give them vitamin supplements that will help prevent graying. Include milk, meat, eggs, chicken, lentils, beans, almonds, peanuts, sweet potato, whole grain wheat, this will help solve the vitamin B12 deficiency problem, one of the prominent causes.

The hair needs more nourishment and care. A hot oil massage using coconut oil or olive oil is a must. You can massage your child's scalp and apply hot oil twice a week. Also wrap hair in a hot towel after massage. This will help increase circulation and hence reduce the problem.

Egg is a rich source of amino acids and proteins, which are very essential for your child's hair. Mix one egg and water thoroughly form a paste. Apply this mixture on hair properly to cover the entire length of hair. Leave it for about 20 minutes and wash off with a mild shampoo.

Curry Leaf
Direct intake of sufficient amount of curry leaves everyday will provide vitality to hair. New growing hair will be strong and have a normal pigment. You can also boil these leaves in coconut oil and use it everyday. This is a great hair tonic to get back the black hair.

Natural Way
Indian gooseberry popularly known as amla is an effective ingredient. Take amla power, coconut oil, juice of one lemon, mix well to form a paste and apply it on the scalp. The quantity of amla powder will depend upon the hair length. Leave the paste for an hour and wash with lukewarm water.

You can try the above mentioned treatments on your kids hair regularly. Giving them a healthy and balanced diet is of utmost importance. Good health will ensure that they have healthy and shiny hair. Following the hair care routine for keeping them clean and well moisturized is essential. You can also ask them to use caps or scarfs so as to protect hair from harsh sun's rays, harmful pollution and dust. Gray hair should not be ignored at the initial stages, as the problem will go on increasing fast.
By Mamta Mule
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