Greatest TV Shows Ever

Watching TV shows is one of the fun things that a person can do to pass time. And when it comes to the greatest TV shows, there are many favorites for all viewer groups...
Everyone loves to watch TV and have a good time, especially comedy serials. If you think about the best TV shows in the history of media and entertainment, the list is practically endless. This is because there have been several different TV shows aired at some or the other point in time which have set a mark for popularity and entertainment. There are some comedy shows from previous decades that are even liked by people today. Some of the best examples of the greatest TV shows ever are Friends, American Idol, The Simpsons, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Full House, Mr. Bean, and Diff'rent Strokes. Many of these are sitcoms that have been popular the world over.

List of Greatest TV Shows Ever Made

American Idol
American Idol is a reality singing competition wherein aspiring American singers take part to move ahead in the competition by impressing judges and viewers. As of now, there have been nine seasons, with the 10th being in progress. The funniest part of this TV show comes during auditions when contestants sing hilariously. As the competition progresses, only those with true singing talent move to the finals.

Mr. Bean
Mr. Bean is a British TV show that is considered to be the funniest show ever. This program revolves around the character of Mr. Bean, played by Rowan Atkinson, who assesses and solves day-to-day problems in a unique and somewhat weird manner. And this is what makes viewers laugh. A point to note that this world famous TV show has only 14 half-hour episodes made. The character is also shown in the films 'Bean' and 'Mr. Bean's Holiday'.

Full House
This is a situational comedy which even now is quite popular in the US and all over the world. It deals with a family of three men and three kids. Danny Tanner, played by Bob Saget, takes help from two of his friends to raise his three daughters. The show deals with comedy situations risen from everyday living between all these people residing in San Francisco.

Friends is a comedy series that consists of hilarious situations possible in everyday life amongst six friends who stay in New York. This is one TV show that has received several awards for its popularity and comic aspects. The Central Perk coffee house is shown as a prominent place in the series. If you want to watch this show from the very start, you can buy DVDs of all 10 seasons. It is certainly among the best TV shows of all time.

The Oprah Winfrey Show
This is an all time favorite show for women. Moreover, it is also been rated the best in the USA. It is an influential talk show which is created, produced, and presented by Oprah Winfrey. As of February 2011, it has completed about a remarkable 4,987 episodes in 25 seasons. In the show, Oprah Winfrey interviews famous celebs about issues concerned with culture, charity, cancer, and other series issues in the community.

Mind Your Language
This is one comedy show for people of all ages. The main theme revolves around an English teacher teaching the language to students who have come from different parts of the world. Comic situations take place when there are misunderstandings and misinterpretations of what the teacher, Mr. Jeremy Brown, speaks and when students communicate with each other. It has completed a total of 42 episodes, with the main run being from 1977 to 1986. This is one of the best TV shows ever; one that has attracted substantial attention from most countries.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
This is a game show that is the best for gaining a good amount of general knowledge. In the game show, the host offers a prize of $1 million to one who correctly answers 14 multiple-choice questions. The questions are put forth as per an increasing level of difficulty. The player also has some lifelines which he can use for finding out the correct answer. The show was first created in the UK, after which several different country-specific versions became popular.

Other Good TV Shows
  • Criss Angel: Mindfreak
  • The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
  • The X-Files
  • Small Wonder
  • Desperate Housewives
  • Everybody Loves Raymond
  • Diff'rent Strokes
  • South Park
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Drake & Josh
  • Smallville
  • Hannah Montana
  • Top Gear
  • Glee
  • The Benny Hill Show
  • The Mentalist
  • Seinfeld
  • America's Next Top Model
  • Baywatch
  • Larry King Live
This is an incomplete list of the greatest TV shows ever made in entertainment. There are many more to be added. Note that every show has its own class of followers all over the world. Some people like comedy, some like talk shows, a small class of viewers like technology shows, while others like animation and suspense.
By Stephen Rampur
Published: 3/15/2011
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