Grim Reaper's Love - Chapter 6

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Here's a quick recap of 'Grim Reaper's Love'. Mei was involved in a horrible car accident and died. Two silhouette figures approached her and brought her to the afterworld. There she had to choose between three worlds and she chose Grim Reaper's world. She was then send to the warrior's category, where she had no choice but to be trained and fight against the worst enemy of Grim Reaper.


John annoyingly kicked open the door to the library, there he saw stack of books around Mei as she tried self-study. "There are so many books here with a lot of history, is it okay if I read them all?" She asked with a smile that reminded him of the girl he built the gravestone for.

He walked to the spot across her and slapped his hand against the table as hard as he could, "Stop with that ridiculous smile, it is disgusting," he almost shouted.

"It's just a smile you don't have to do that Jerk." She rolled her eyes at him, "Why are you even here? You refused to teach me..."

"Library is my bedroom. Do you have a problem with me being here?" He replied as he pulled out a chair and sat across the table from her. He then pushed the book aside so he could see her.

"No. I don't have a problem at all." She held a book over her face in order to cover up her smile.

John blindly reached under the table to search for a notebook that was tape underneath. Once he found it, he ripped it from the table and threw it in front of her "All you need to know about this world is all in this notebook, it includes this town's history, a summary of Grim Reaper's history as well as the history of those creatures you saw today," he explained while he stared at the notebook.

On the notebook there appeared to be a few red lipstick marks, some heart drawings and smell of perfume, a girl's perfume. All these things brought back some unpleasant memories for him but he couldn't look away from it.

Mei saw those marks as well. "Did your girlfriend put these marks on here?" She asked while giggling. She flipped through the book and smiled, "Thanks for the notes." Then she hid the smile since she didn't wanted to get yelled again because she was smiling.

"You're welcome and be careful with the book, don't you dare draw on it or spill things on it, or I will kill you. Get it?" John threatened.

"Why? Does this notebook mean that much to you? Or is it a girl you have crushed on made this for you?" She joked, flipped to a random page and started reading it.

"Is none of your business, just read it, learn from it and get it back to me as soon as possible," John said with frustration in his voice.

"You're so mean to me, why?" She asked rolling her eyes at him.

"I'm mean to everyone, not only you; the world doesn't revolve around you." He answered and annoyed that he had to spend time with her, "Now do you have any question, anything you don't understand?" He asked, stood up and started to leave.

"When will my training start?" She asked, flipped to the last page of the notebook and saw a love quote followed by a signature. It signed "'I promise to be yours forever, if you'll be mine for always.' Love Linda."

"The grave outside... was it for someone you cared about and is that why you're rude with me because I remain you of her?" Mei assumed, standing up from her chair and stared straight in his eyes.
Published: 3/17/2015
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