Grim's Love - Chapter 7

I've changed the title of the story. It used to be 'Grim Reaper's Love' but I figured the word 'reaper' is unnecessary, so now it is called 'Grim's Love.'

Now that Mei found out that the grave out in the front lawn under the oak tree is John's ex-lover's grave, Linda, she couldn't help it but to ask questions about her. But John will not give her an answer. But his reaction to her questions give her the answer she needs.


Chapter 7

"IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS," John shouted loud and clear, the library egos. "I will train you to fight those demon monsters when I feel like it, just be prepared when the time comes." He added and left the room.

"I'm sorry... I just wanted to know since I saw you looking at it." She mumbled sitting back down and stared at the notebook that was Linda's. She knew that she was right and that was why he was so angry.

Mei exited the library and entered the so-called kitchen. It was nicer than she had expected and there were lots of modern-day technologies in here that she expected. Maybe this was her chance to impress others, with her cooking, she thought rolling up her sleeve. She was about to put the notebook on the table when she noticed, something fell out of it. 'What is that?' She asked herself.

She picked it up and blew the dust on it away. The picture was very blurry but she could tell that the guy in the picture was John, due to his unique features. He was smiling and there was a young lady in the photo as well but she couldn't make recognize her face at all, it was too blurry and the photo was too old. It looked like they were playing some kind of chasing game.

"She is so pretty. Way better-looking than me in a million years." She mumbled to herself and placed the photo back into the notebook.

"She used to be pretty but now she is the ugliest girl on Earth." Tome said standing at the kitchen door frame.

"Ug? What happened to her?" She asked, placing the notebook on a cabin that was far away from the stove.

"Ask John, I can't say, if I do John will kill me," Tom approached her, "But I'm willing to make an exception if you agree to go out on a date with me," he winked at her.

Mei blushed. When she was about to speak, Tom interrupted, "Did John get that to you to study? Or did you find it by chance? He never let anyone touch that book, it was like a treasure to him..." He asked.

"He gave it to me. Did a female give it to him?" She asked wanting to know as much as she can.

"A grim give it to him since he is really bad at learning and memorizing, the only thing he's good at is fighting and being a gentleman. But after what happened in past years, he is not a gentleman any longer," Tome said staring at the book on the cabin.

"He was sweet before?" Mei asked, she finds it very hard to believe, "I wish I would meet his sweet side than what he is now." she sighed, "Is her name Linda? Why is she ugly now?" She asked.

"Her name is Linda and... ask John about the rest," Tom said cupping her chin and turned her to face him, "Sorry but that is all I can say." He apologized.

Suddenly the kitchen door swung open and John entered the room with an apron around his waist "Am I interrupting something?" He asked seeing Tom holding Mei's chin.

Tom pulled his hand away from Mei immediately, "No, of course not." His response sounded like he was afraid of John.

"Are you skipping your duty Tom?" John questioned him strictly.

"No, Sir. I'm just getting some snack." Tom half-ran, half-walked over to a tall long cabin and opened it. Inside there were bunch of snack like cookies, cupcake etc. He grabbed a bag of cookie and left without looking back to Mei at all.

For a few seconds, it was kind of awkward to be in the kitchen alone with John but Mei was distracted by the apron around John's waist. "Dude, what's with the apron?" She asked holding back her laughter.

"I'm the cook." He simply answered and started to gather ingredients.

"If you're a human boy on Earth I know many girls including me would want to date you." She joked but telling the true at the same time.

"Whatever." He ignored her and did his own thing.

Mei sat herself down on a chair, she rested her head on her hand and watched John cook, amused.

'He might not be so bad after all,' she thought.
Published: 4/15/2015
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