Growing Up: A Painful Process Of Change

Ever hated being a grown-up person?
A little boy runs through the village roads or through a railway line and all of a sudden in the blink of an eye those little legs grow bigger and taller and guess what? He is all grown-up and that's how the transition from a bright boy to the handsome hero is shown in the old-fashioned Bangla movies, so often that we can easily predict it coming. But are we growing up that easy too? After years of fantasy, time spent on unspoken resolutions, and some silly yet significant experiences reach that state, where we can see what we heard, we would see... "Wait, till you are my age, then you will see."

Having stepped into the mid-twenties, it is almost inevitable that the world would present itself in a whole new shape and way. The only constant in life is change and how? Look towards the mirror and the subtle change in your outlook would only make you think when did it happen? We grow up experiencing things. We experience how a boy who used to be known as the backbencher and who smoking quietly, turns out to be a man who has serious issues with drugs and stuffs. We experience how amazingly our parents were always proven to be right to a great extent. We experience friends moving away and the only theory that keeps the hope to meet them again somehow is 'The earth is round'. We experience teenage crush, now happily married with children. And we experience the dramatic change in us. Our looks, our tastes, our perspective, and all. Time is indeed very powerful. You know, you are growing up when little kids playing cricket in the streets starts calling you uncle or that guy in the electronics shop addresses you as Apni...

Gone are the days of endless leisure and curiosity of childhood. So are gone the days of desperation and adventure (despite the restrictions imposed by parents and colleges) of teenage life. And there is a significant reduction to the Dos and Don'ts of parents. The taste of so-called freedom which was deeply aspired once is tasted. It is, though, hardly enjoyed due to the responsibilities imposed by life, those critical times of decision-making and the end of it all living up to the expectations. Freedom remains a dream. Had plans for life? Well... life had some plans for you too.

Again time pats on our back, like it is saying get up kid, you are now matured enough to face the true face of life... so collect a bit of curiosity from childhood and a bit of life from teenage life and you are on your own. Face the music.

A little boy running through the village roads or through a railway line, and in the process grows up to be a hero as shown in the old-fashioned Bangla movies. Well, hypothetically, we too are running through the lanes of life and grow up... and continue running till we reach the end of roads... experiencing things and continuously going through this painful changing process.

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Published: 4/9/2015
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