What Eyes Saw That Day.........
That Friday noon stupefies even now.
The brave sun grew as timid as a cow.
Terrified sky draped the robes of rainy evening.
Intimidating was the sound of thunder and lightening.
Ferocious wind was blowing violently as never before.
Curiosity and concern dragged the feet to the rear door.
Seen were pellets of frozen rain falling on the ground.
Those loud ‘thuds’ were forming hard icy mound.
Lush green lawn was covered by crystals of ice.
This beautiful frozen hood couldn’t be enjoyed by the eyes.
A huge tree grew too weak to withstand wind’s blow!
It ripped open and fell with its branches sliding in a row!!
That humongous sound was snubbed by the lashing rainfall.
Such was the temerity of that rain which scared one and all.
The turbulent weather didn’t stay for long as feared.
For just more than ten minutes, it jested and jeered!
Nevertheless, during those moments, heart missed its beat.
This unpleasantness of the season, it never hoped to meet.
Indeed, the hailstorm of that Friday couldn’t receive a cool hail!
All it heard was the noise of biting nail!!!!
Published: 1/28/2009
Bouquets and Brickbats