Hair Braiding Styles for Children

Mentioned in this article are fun hair braiding styles for children, that will help you create various braid hairstyles.
Hair braids are great as kids' hairstyles. As they keep the hair in place, and don't come out easily. Also, it keeps their hair away from their eyes. Plus, one can accessorize with colorful beads, scrunchies, clips, etc. that makes the hair braiding styles look even cuter. Thinking, what are the various types of braid hairstyles for kids? Here are nine different types of braid hairstyles for children, which includes some simple and some African braiding styles for children.

Ideas on Hair Braiding Styles for Kids

English Braids
English braids are simple three strand structure braids, which are quick to do and can be styled into many ways. These are the easiest to do braiding styles for children. You can make an English braid near the crown, or make it a low one near the nape of the neck. You can also create pigtails with English braids. To do so, middle part the hair and divide them into two equal sections and then create English braids in the hair sections.

French Braids
These are very good braided hair styles for kids, that give a very elegant look, and also keep all the hair in place. French braid are created similar to that of English braid, except some more hair is added from both sides while creating the braids. You can create a long French braid, or make French braid pigtails, or cute mini French braids on sides of parting and let the rest of hair down. One can also create a braided headband using French braid, or a cool style like that of braided Mohawk hairstyles.

Herringbone Braids
Herringbone braids are complex looking braids, but once you have practiced enough, they are easy to create. They are creating by braiding hair by taking two hair strands, and adding hair from the outside the hair section to inside. These braids are getting very popular, and can be combined with a French braid to create a cool combination braid.

Dutch Braids
Dutch braids are also called inverted French braid, because they are created similar to French braid. It looks like an inverted French braid too. Dutch braid is another cool braid hairstyle that can be used to create a long braid, or pigtails. One can also combine these braiding styles with other braid styles like English and French braid.

Cornrows are popular for boys and girls both. But, these are painful braiding techniques, which can take hours to finish. It is best to go to a salon to get these African-American braided hair styles for children. However, if you want a variation of this style consider getting partial cornrows which allow the rest of the hair to be left open. The open hair can be tied into a simple braid or a ponytail. Cornrows can pull the hair, hence don't keep cornrows for too long.

Dookie Braids
Dookie braids are good for kids who have long hair. To create these braided hair styles, small braids are created from different hair sections. The hair then can be tied into a ponytail or you can tie it with ribbons or beads.

These are not exactly braid hairstyles, but look similar to black hair braid hairstyles. To create twist, on damp hair a leave-in-conditioner is applied, and then various hair sections are twisted, to create twists. This hairstyle lasts for a week.

Make sure you make the braid hairstyle look even cooler, by using some colorful hair accessories. Good luck!
By Pragya T
Last Updated: 9/27/2011
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