Hair Extensions Pros and Cons

Are you thinking of getting hair extensions? Then go through these hair extensions pros and cons, before you decide to get them.
Hair extension can either be made from real human hair or synthetic hair. Sometimes they are a combination of both, real and synthetic hair. You can get the hair extensions fixed, close to your scalp in different ways. When you have picked a suitable color and texture of hair extensions, and have it applied by an experienced stylist, it can blend and move with your natural hair nicely. You can use hair extensions for different purposes, to add volume, to add more length to your natural hair, or to add hair highlights or lowlights, without having to use any harsh coloring chemicals on your natural hair. So, using hair extensions you can change your current hairstyle, into the way you want. However, hair extensions have their benefits and drawbacks. Here are two list of hair extensions pros and cons, that you should go through, before opting for hair extension.

Hair Extensions Pros
  • The biggest advantage when comparing synthetic or real hair extensions pros and cons is, that you will be adding length to your natural hair. This is especially good for people who have slow hair growth, or for some reason can't grow the hair long.
  • Another advantage of this hair accessories is that you can add volume to your natural hair. People who have fine, thinning or limp hair can greatly achieve thick, full and healthy voluminous looking hair with the use of hair extensions.
  • Hair extensions, when done properly, you don't have to spend much time styling and hair care. Some hair extension can even be worn continuously for a period of 3 months, without having to maintain it.
  • An important benefit of hair extensions is that they are temporary, and if you feel the weight of the temporary long hair is too much, or you are not happy with the current hair extensions, then with one visit to the stylist you can get rid of hair extensions.
  • Also, when comparing glued, braided or clip in hair extensions pros and cons, another important pro is that you can get great looking highlights or lowlights with these hair.
Hair Extensions Cons
  • One of the major drawbacks of hair extensions is that they will cause certain damage to your hair. When comparing hair extensions pros and cons, one of the major con is that due to thermal heat the glue in hair can split, burn or break the hair strand and weaken its resiliency. While braided or knotted hair extensions can pull the real hair, and weaken the roots.
  • Hair extension cost is another major disadvantage of hair extensions. Firstly, you will need to select a hair extension which suits you, this means it blends with your natural hair. Both, real and synthetic extensions can be expensive. Also, with hair coloring the price might increase. So, you will have to pay good amount of money, if you want a quality hair extension.
  • Secondly, once you have found the right hair extension, you will need to find an experienced stylist who will help to either glue, or braid the hair extensions properly to your natural hair so that it merges well.
  • One disadvantage is that it might take many hours to get a hair extension. It all depends upon the length, fullness and the number of hair extensions you want to get. So, you might have to sit for eight or more hours in the salon.
These were the various hair extensions pros and cons. So, make sure you talk to a professional about the look you want, and figure out if there are other ways to achieve the look you want without any hair damaging styling methods.
By Pragya T
Published: 10/12/2010
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