Hair Fall Treatment

Hair fall is certainly challenging to combat. This article shares some hair fall treatments with you that would surely provide you with some relief from the hair fall problems.
Hair loss is more than distressing. It is embarrassing to have some hair strands falling on your shoulder when you hand comb your hair. A lot of people suffering from hair loss also suffer from inferiority complex due to scarce hair that closely resembles to bald scalp. No doubt hair is the biggest asset that enhances your appearance and beauty. So it is important that you pay attention to all your hair problems to avoid further damage. Apart from this, hair fall can also be the sign of some serious health ailments. So it is advisable to consult your doctor and treat the ailments as soon as possible. This article tells you about some of the natural hair fall treatment for men and women that can be tried at home.

Before we jump to the treatments it is essential to know about their causes. Given below are some of the reasons for hair loss that are common:
  • Mental stress
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Dandruff
  • Illness and side effects of drugs
  • Nutrition deficiency and inadequate diet
  • Unclean and unhygienic scalp
  • Hereditary or biological factors
Eliminating the root cause of the hair fall is the best treatment. From the above causes is it clear that most of them are related to our lifestyle pattern. So altering the pattern and following a healthy lifestyle is important to control hair loss.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle
A healthy diet that is high on proteins is important to prevent hair fall and promote hair growth. Human hair is made of protein molecules hence, you should eat protein rich foods such as milk, yogurt, egg whites, pulses, fish, meat, etc. To avoid any kind of nutritional deficiency, you should include a variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet so that you get your daily dose of essential hair vitamins and minerals.

A regular workout regime also helps you control hair fall if the cause is associated with poor blood circulation. Exercising stimulates blood circulation that helps in strengthening hair roots resulting in less hair loss. Exercising also secretes some hormones that help you relieve stress that in turn helps in less hair fall.

Apart from this, avoid late night parties and stay away from alcohol and drinking. It would reduce the amount of toxins in the body and give adequate rest to the body including hair and scalp.

Effective Medications
If the root cause of excessive hair loss is some diseases such as thyroid imbalance or psoriasis, you have to consult the doctor and follow the prescribed treatment. Even in case of hereditary and biological factors, there are various drugs available today that can come for your rescue. But do not take any over-the-counter drugs for hair loss prevention without consulting your physician. Apart from this, there are various herbal hair growth supplements that you can take if it causes no side effects.

Home Remedies
There are a number of treatments at home that are inexpensive and easy to try. Lemon, honey, baking soda, and mustard oil are some of the kitchen remedies for better hair. Massaging scalp with warm coconut oil is the classic age-old practice that still works when it comes to strengthening hair roots. You can mix various herbs in the oil that has medicated properties, such as amla, methi seeds, and neem leaves paste, etc. These herbal remedies certainly cause no side effects and are some of the natural hair loss remedies and hence they are worth given a shot.

Cosmetic Treatments
There are various beauty salons and spas that offer variety of cosmetic and massage therapies to control hair fall. A lot of salons also offer hair treatments like hair spa that includes, massaging the scalp with herbal or medicated oil, giving a warm steam bath to hair and scalp, applying scalp and hair mask or pack, etc. This process helps strengthening hair roots and conditions hair properly, making it soft, silky and healthy. There are various types of massages, such as Thai massage, Chinese massage, etc. that provide you with quick hair loss solutions. Apart from this, there are many creams, hair serums, lotions, and shampoos that boast of controlling hair fall and are easily available in nearby cosmetic shops.

Tips for Hair Fall
Given below are some of the habits that you must inculcate in your everyday routine that helps you control the hair fall and acts as an effective hair treatment for women.
  • Do not tie your hair very tightly as it causes hair pull that results in hair breakage.
  • Do not wash your hair with extremely hot water as it weakens the hair bonds resulting in hair loss. Use warm or cold water to wash hair.
  • Do not comb hair when they are wet as they are most vulnerable for breakage when they are wet.
  • Do not comb hair vigorously as it can damage follicles. Use a comb with soft bristles.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals on hair. Go for mild, soft, and natural hair products.
  • Avoid overuse of hair straighteners, perming lotions, irons, curlers, etc. Also avoid using metal and sharp hair accessories, instead go for wooden accessories.
  • Maintain hygiene when it comes to hair. Keep your combs, brushes, and accessories clean and avoid sharing them with anybody to prevent infections.
With these few handy tips, I am sure you will be benefited and will get back that bounce of dark, thick hair.
By Geeta Dhavale
Published: 9/8/2010
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