Halloween Poems

"Nothing on Earth is so beautiful as the final haul on Halloween night" ~ Steve Almond. Here's a collection of classic Halloween poems, some funny, some spooky. Also find Halloween recitals and rhymes, some classy, some scary. Go get scared!!
Shallow Be Thy Grave
A little bit of Halloween scare....
Mr. Bear
Inspired by the creepypasta, '1999'. A chilling poem to read for Halloween.
Dancing Around The Gravestones
This Halloween, perhaps our Glorious leaders should pay attention to their minions.... After all, we're supposed to be democratic!
Forever This Time
A little sad ditty for Halloween.
Just a short fun verse about Halloween.
On A Glamorous Halloween Night
Three endearing teenage girls, pose lavishly in Disney princess costumes...
McLean's Wager
A Halloween story in verse.
That Kiss Which Would Last Her Forever
A little verse for upcoming Halloween.
For Halloween
Yes I know, I'm late, but I thought you guys would want to read it anyway... I love the last 2 lines the most, but you have to read the rest of the poem to understand it... Comment please!
Tell Me It Isn't True
A poem for Halloween.
Merry Halloween and a Scary New Year!
Dementia is an ugly thing....................
Kissed By The Blood-Red Rose
A vampire love story for Halloween.
A little poem for the up and coming Halloween night.
All For Halloween
About The Fun Of Halloween