Hangover Home Remedies

A little too much to drink at a party can result in a splitting headache and nausea. The unpleasantness experienced leaves you spent and weakened for quite some time. However, to counter this unhealthy feeling, there are a number of home remedies.
The consumption of alcohol in excess, more than you normally indulge in, can result in the worst experience your body can ever endure, that too hours later. One too many and one for the road ends up giving you a throbbing headache, nauseating feeling and a tipsy mind set. This resultant body abuse is called a hangover. A hangover is the backlash of consuming excessive alcohol at a time. The extent of a hangover largely depends on a person's tolerance level for alcohol. This variation springs from the relative height and weight, and inherent genetics. It is different from one person to another and hence, setting the same paradigms as those adopted by an acquaintance is useless. However, there are a few simple home remedies that can help in dealing with the hangover symptoms that usually last for about 24 hours.

The main expression or symptom of a hangover is dehydration. Consuming plenty of water can help deal with this, while the home maintained pain killers can take care of the throbbing headache. Dehydration is inevitable due to the diuretic nature of alcohol. The consumption increases urination and hence, flushes away the fluid from the body. You need to consume liquid in any form, not another drink (alcohol) though. You could down a tall glass of water with a teaspoon of sugar and a pinch of salt stirred in. Some people suggest drinking coffee as a home remedy; however, this is wrong advice since coffee too is a diuretic! The basic understanding comes from the fact that alcohol depletes the body of vital minerals, vitamins and blood sugar. The habit itself is a 'well-being-break-down'.

Some alcohol like brandy, rum, whisky, red and white wine and gin and vodka give terrible hangovers. Research reveals that the complex organic molecules like methanol and acetone are present in some drinks and are more responsible for the effect, rather than the ethanol or alcohol content. Home Remedies for hangovers include first and foremost not trying to cure a hangover with another drink! It only makes the hangover worse. You could also try taking Vitamin C in any form since it is known to increase the rate of alcohol breakdown. To combat the dehydration, drink plenty of fresh fruit juices and lots of tomato juice! Soups, fresh fruit and salads are the best to reduce the symptoms.

Another home remedy for a hangover is bouillon soup. It helps to replace the lost salt and potassium. Even energizing sports drinks help a lot. They offer the right replenishment of the required mineral and vitamin content essential for the body to remain healthy. You could combat the headache with a cold pack or acetaminophen. However, the latter should be avoided in case you have a history of liver disease. If the hangover symptoms include an upset stomach, you could take an antacid, peppermint or chamomile tea. As a preventive measure - never drink on an empty stomach, since food helps to absorb some of the alcohol. To avoid a hangover, you should also try to avoid sweet drinks or foods while consuming alcohol. You could include snacks that are starch based and roasted snack options. They are healthy and reduce the effect of alcohol on the body.

The best home remedy for curing a hangover is heeding good advice. Too much consumption of alcohol is detrimental to physical and mental well-being. You only make things worse for yourself. If you have a potential problem, you need to face it honestly and first and foremost consider the amount that you drink and the frequency. The symptoms of a hangover make you feel lousy and forget enjoying your first drink the previous evening, any excessive and unmonitored consumption can ruin the next day. The resultant headache and imbalance and sick feeling does wear off, but a persistent invitation to these symptoms only means a ruined body. Instead of fighting the hangover, fight the habit!

By Gaynor Borade
Published: 2/20/2008
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