"Happy And Hopeful"

Best wishes for new year!!!!!
Come thirty first December and yet another New Year Eve;
World has resolutions to make and dreams to weave.
Mouths pray for a small piece of big peace!
Purses and wallets resolve to fight recession's fleece!
Universe fears worst of catastrophe and calamity.
Let not bombings and blasts go on for eternity.
This is the prayer at all places of worship.
Most unpopular is the siren of warship.
Promises are made to free our world from organized violence.
This perilous situation is sworn to be dealt with lots of perseverance.
World community unites to fight against the terrorists' tyranny.
Most powerful assures protection to weaker ones against pain and agony.
Acts of terrorism and vandalism will be ruthlessly dealt with.
Do these oaths have an element of sincerity and truth?
The New Year will soon expose the veracity of these vows!
Let us wait and watch the year's direction and course.
Anyway, nothing can stop us from wishing for a peace filled year ahead!
May January first see a happy and hopeful world rising out of its bed!!!
Published: 12/30/2008
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