Happy Ending?

It's a strange one :P
A heavy toll is placed on their minds
As their love is considered an illegal find.
A solution is finally realized
All of their emotions senselessly tried.
The lovers are separated
Needlessly interrogated.
Memories dragged from the past
Reintroduced, remembered at last.
Take her from this dreamless nightmare
Show her the likeness of someone who cares.
On the wings of a forgotten thought
Is the agony of a lost love sought.
Unfairly judged by those that they know
Unable to love, but unable to let go.
You can't win if you don't take the risk
Lies, love, and lost hope thrown into the mix
A recipe for disaster, destined for death
She remembers his eyes, they take away her breath.
And these thoughts resound in a whirlwind of events
A timetable of time that was memorably spent.
And so she closes her eyes, and who does she see?
The only person who ever called her baby.
She cries herself to sleep, cries herself awake
Thinking of the man who put her heart at stake.
There's a knock at the door, she gets up, she runs
Into the arms of her man, knowing that it is she who won.
Published: 1/3/2009
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