Happy Everafter

This one is about the day that I finally get married to the gut I'm in love with.
I can feel them all staring at me.
I can feel my father's hand on my arm. But I can't see any of it.
All I can see is the life that is ahead of me, and the life that I am leaving behind.
I look ahead at my new life and there is one thing that is always constant, Tyler.
Always there comforting me on my bad days, smiling alongside me on my good days.
I can see us gradually growing old together.
I can see us walking hand in hand through the park.
Always enjoying each others company, never growing tired of our love.
I come back to reality just in time to say I do and smile lovingly at my perfect future and to see him do the same.
Everyone cheers as we rush to the car, eager to start our new life together.
Published: 2/1/2010
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