Happy in My Skin

Allow yourself to shine.
I sing to the world
That I’m complete inside
My soul is at ease
My heart beats its own rhythm
The rhythm I choose
At the pace that I set
I’ll not be upset
Or down and depressed

Nor shall anyone get the better of me
Or dictate the emotions I show
I’m stronger
And smarter
And have seen
And lived through
All this before
But this time around
I choose number one first
That’s ME

I’m number one
At the top of my list
I’ll come out on top
You can’t make me stop

I’ll strive and survive till my last dying breath
To make this world a better place
To leave a legacy behind
Of positive energy and thoughts

Do unto others as you’d have done unto yourself
Not an eye for an eye
We’re in this together
One and All

Let us unite
To celebrate
This everlasting feeling
Called Life
So I choose to live
And move on with my life!
Published: 10/4/2011
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