Happy New Year 2013

To all readers, critics, fans, viewers, visitors and the iBuzzle editorial staff, wishing you guys a happy new year!
Happy New Year!

To all my fans, readers and supporters,
I humbly express my utmost pleasures,
By profoundly thanking you for your continuous help and support,
Even the critics who expressed their sincere thoughts.

I pray you all have a blessed and prosperous new year,
And may it be filled with success, adventure and happy tears,
You ought to thank God for still being here today,
For so many unknowing souls have passed away.

Take my idiotic advise and apply it to your life,
Live each day as your last for you never know when you'll die,
By doing this deed I surely guarantee,
You will have an eccentric, life fulfilling, superb 2013.

And never forget the man who granted your existence,
The one who knew you before your mum even thought of being pregnant,
Always remember that God is love,
So without having either, your problems remain unsolved.

Love conquers all, nevertheless,
Though every year will be filled with tribulated tests,
Keep your holistic trust concocted in the palms of God's hands,
Sit back, relax and allow him to see to your demands.

There's a time for everything,
And a reason for every happening,
Be fruitful, be patient, be still,
For God will never contradict his own will.

So remember dear friends, that another year has subsided,
New resolutions are yet to be inhibited,
Oh! Well, nevertheless,
Have a tremendously happy new year, make this year one of the best!


Author's Note

God bless each and everyone of you guys. I can't begin to tell you how ecstatic and thrilled I am to have your fateful dedication in reading my stories. You are all in my prayers; please be safe and enjoy this day. I'd also like to thank the iBuzzle Editorial Staff for having me and may you guys have a marvelous new year!

Gong Xi Fa Cai

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Published: 1/1/2013
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