Harmony of the Senses

We have so much to be grateful for. Every single sight around is a lesson in freedom, to our self-bound nature. Deliverance is just a glance away. How sensitive are we to nature and soul-conditioning?...
In harmony with the world around,
It is great to watch his plan unfold;
It is always amazing and profound,
To catch a glimpse of tales untold.

A tale of love the sparrow twitters,
The nightingale sings of tomorrow;
The dawn unveils treasure glitters,
To relieve us from debt of borrow.

Look and see all around you today,
There are other souls in lesser form;
They are soaked in life and set way,
Living free in lack of fettered norm.

Don't bind yourself, you are the son,
You are born to rule and richly reap
The golden corn and weeds to shun,
As you earn shaded grove for sleep.

The world is your own canvas blank,
An open lee without binding fences;
Find the balance, take time to thank,
Him for the rich harmony of senses.
By Gaynor Borade
Published: 5/25/2009
Bouquets and Brickbats