Hate is Just the Beginning - Chapter 26

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Chapter 26 - Taylor and Keith

... And somewhere in the crowd Keith's camera flashed and Taylor could swear she heard Ian's breath go unexpectedly out of him, breaking her heart into million pieces, ashamed of herself for craving attention that she knew she didn't deserve. If anyone deserved to be showered with attention, it was Blair Kiel and her extra long legs showing from the slit in the silver silk gown.

Taylor vaguely remembered thinking once upon a time, why she or any other high school students had allowed Blair Kiel - a hot girl with average intelligence to oppress them so openly. She had wondered once while talking to Ian about their high school days why no one had dared stop her.

And tonight as she stared at Blair and all those people drooling over her, she knew the answer. It wasn't just that Blair was beautiful which she was. It wasn't just that Blair had the perfect body which she also had. It was the conviction of it in her face; it was the arrogance of it in her aura, the way she walked and the way she talked. It was the magnetic vibe of accepting the attention and getting it in heaps that made her the ultimate oppressor and Taylor one of her many oppressors.

Blair's hazel eyes were oddly shining against silver fabric of her floor-length gown. Her dark brown hair curled flawlessly was pushed to one side curtaining her long high face. Her face dolled up to if possible even more beauty, dark eyes, fairer cheeks and soft shine in her lips. She had an almost smile to her lips as if a hilarious joke about the people staring at her was running on her mind. She moved effortlessly to the hall and Taylor couldn't help but be reminded of an ice princess. Blair hadn't aged a single day after the graduation. She had the same perfect face Taylor always remembered. But just as Jamie, Blair had matured too.

Blair was more breathtaking, more twinkling and more confident if possible than Taylor could ever remember. Taylor felt under dressed and awkward in comparison to her, as Blair moved toward Ian there was almost a defeat in her soul. Looking at those two beautiful people getting closer with their magnificent aura, Taylor couldn't understand how they could have ever parted from each other. His green eyes to her hazel... found each other and suddenly Blair's secret smile was a wide long perfect one that spread a tsunami of eerie glow all over the place. And the way Ian's hand almost automatically wrapped around her waist blowing a soft kiss on her cheek, they seemed perfect together just as they had done, what seemed like yesterday in their high school days. Two beautiful people perfect for each other… in every way.

The moment seemed too elongate and the pain seemed tortuously slow to travel all the way from her brain to her chest then to her entire body. Some people could mistake it for jealousy but Taylor in the insanely long momentum between the pain and an uncanny clarity over her mind knew it was the feeling of unworthiness. As Ian and Blair smiled and talked as if they hadn't ever broken up, Taylor knew she could never be as good as Blair was, as Blair is. And she knew she was not worthy of someone like Ian. Maybe she could fall in love with Keith…

The spontaneity of the thought hit her so hard that she almost felt the pain as she mentally slapped herself. Tearing her eyes away from the mind numbing perfection that Ian and Blair were, Taylor's eyes automatically landed on Keith. He was staring at them too. He was affected by Blair's beauty too and Taylor was so bothered by this particular fact that she felt the stuffy air inside the room choking her. She needed fresh air. She needed to slap herself, to punish herself.

As the crowd around the room finally started to acknowledge the fact that Blair was just another girl and not an angel that had landed among them, the room was suddenly filled with a new sort of vibe. It was more jubilant and almost as if the crowd on the whole had reached its purpose. As if now was the time to enjoy it. Taylor simply couldn't take it. The joy and the suddenness of it all, the fact that she wasn't jealous of Blair being in Ian's arm, the fact that she had so easily disposed of Ian and accepted Keith as his replacement needed a long minute's thought. A long minute's settling it; if Taylor was anything, she was unsettled right that moment.

The scene outside was deserted. The invitation crew had packed up and simply left the silent staring walls to be. The pictures, the moments there are haunting. Taylor cannot imagine the fact that each of those moments in the wall was played out in that same theater. They all look worlds apart.


Taylor stands and stares at one particular corner of the room. This one shows the play of Cinderella. It's the moment where Prince Charming is fitting the shoes to Cinderella's feet. It's the deciding moment. It's a beautiful moment that brings chaos all over Taylor's mind. Ian is no doubt the Prince Charming but who is his Cinderella? The glass shoes would fit Blair perfectly. And what about Keith? Where does he fit into all this?

"I thought we weren't supposed to leave our dates alone tonight," she heard Keith's voice call out to her.

Taylor turns around and there he stands just as he had almost eight months ago when they had first met. And a sense of recurrence overwhelms Taylor's being. He is the same guy she had met simply better dressed. He still stands tall, still looks muscular and strong holding a camera. He still has the same smugness about him. He still gives off the impression that he is perfect and he knows it. But gone are the immediate feelings of hatred she felt then to be replaced by a spreading smile and a sense of ease. She feels comfortable with him now. He is so different from her but he gets her like he's read her from the inside out. He looks like someone who had an easy life but she knows now it's not so. He has fought a battle and refused to give up his charm in the process. He is the ultimate winner unlike her, who almost lost her faith fighting.

"Cinderella… the ultimate fairy tale," Keith nods with an ironic smile at the picture behind her.
"For the beautiful ones with beautiful dresses…" Taylor adds.
"I don't think that was the point of the story…" Keith furrows his eyebrows.
"Oh really? Would you care to explain then?" Taylor challenges.
"I think the point was you get your true love if you are ready to fight for it; despite the deadlines and troubles…"

"No… I think the story is shallow. Cinderella doesn't fight for the prince; she woos him because she has a fairy for a dress designer and makeup artist. And besides the prince is obviously a fool. I mean did he really think that there was only one girl that could fit into that glass slipper? Prada would go bankrupt if that were the case. The story is for the foolhardy audience… What if he said Cinderella in the last page was actually a girl with the same shoe size as Cinderella? What if the girl who get happily ever after is actually conniving stealing bitch?"

Keith laughs at her answer and Taylor finds the rage inside her melting away. Keith could just zap her out of everything. She could be drowning and Keith's laughter could teach her swimming. She could be losing the love of her life to Blair Kiel and Keith's laughter could make her forget it.

"I'm sorry. It's just that seeing her with him is making me a little crazy…" Taylor confesses.
"Well, I always thought Cinderella was a little overrated anyway," Keith winks.
"Oh, yeah?"

Keith nods with this audacious expression on his face and it makes Taylor feel alright. And as Taylor's expression turns into a soft confusing one, it takes Keith all he is to... not kiss her right then. They are two steps apart, staring at the Cinderella's climax and the world seemed to have stopped. They can almost hear each other's thoughts, each other's accelerated heart beats. They are mentally trying to run away from each other but they're stuck on the ground they are standing on. A moment passes by, then two and then another, and finally as if the timer to stare at the silver glass slipper had stopped, Keith's head turned toward Taylor just as her eyes find his.

And he could feel it, the change in the way Taylor saw him. It was as if she were seeing him for the first time. It was as if she suddenly understood the way he felt about her, the way he had been feeling for a long time now. She knew it. There was no proof of the fact and Keith could never understand how he knew that she knew it, but he just did. The gray irises of her eyes were larger than he could ever remember. She was nervous but just as Keith couldn't look away neither could she. This particular moment was just Keith and Taylor, nothing else in the world. And both of them understood that if the whole world ceased to exist and there was no one else in the world but they, they could make each other happy. They could be just what they needed for each other. She could be enough for him. He could be right for her.

Keith lowers his head, closing his eyes powering all his other senses. The darkness enfolds his sight and his lips find hers. Fireworks explode beneath his skin. He is super aware of the tingling sensation of his fingers as his warm lips touch her cool one. The beat of his heart is undeniably full of energy as it travels all through his body. He is kissing Taylor and it is unlike anything he has ever known. He had never felt so much, all at the same time before. It is overwhelming, it is overpowering. And just when he thought there could be nothing more spectacular than this particular feeling, he feels it - the small confused tug from the other lip. She is kissing him back and there is an explosion that destroys everything in the process. There is nothing else left but them. It is passionate. It is crazy. It is wrong but it is happening and they're swirling away from the grip of reality.

Keith pushes Taylor backward toward a corner behind a pillar. Taylor feels the cold hard concrete brushing along her skin and the warm hands on her face. It's an odd sensation. Her eyes are shut tight unable to control the fierceness of the feeling. Keith's lips devour hers and his fingers are slowly moving along her hair, pulling it loose. He holds it into a fist, feeling the silkiness inside his palm. He can feel it, the breathlessness overpowering his kiss but he doesn't pull back. The desperate need for oxygen is only speeding his urgency to put everything into the passionate kiss, the way he could never do it with words. He needed Taylor to understand, really understand just how much he needed her, just how much he wanted her, and in the second of clarity invited by the lack of oxygen he realized just how much he loved her.

Taylor pushes her hand on his chest, pushing him away. Keith opens his eyes to find Taylor flushed and beet red but still beautiful. Both of them take long breaths but before Taylor could recover her mind completely, Keith sweeps in once more. The taste of the forbidden fruit making him dizzy with wanting more, he didn't want to stop kissing her. He didn't want the way she felt so close to him to go away. He hadn't said enough yet. He hadn't kissed her enough yet. He hadn't loved her enough yet.

"No…" Taylor whispers suddenly.

But when Keith doesn't stop, she pushes him away. One step further from her, he looks like he hated the distance. His eyes (a different color,) searching hers with a look that made her feel naked and guilty at the same time. His hair that was perfect a few minutes ago, or was it hours, was ruffled and messy. His smudged lips swollen and lipstick stained. What had she done? And why did she want to do it again?

"What are we doing?" Taylor asked breathlessly as she forced her eyes away from the face that had been on hers a second ago.

"Nothing… Let's change that," Keith says as he once again starts kissing her as if he missed her impossibly.
"Keith…" she whispers his name onto the kiss and almost gives in but she doesn't. The image is now burned into her head. Ian kissing her in his apartment months ago, Ian kissing her… Ian loving her.

"What am I doing?" She asks as she pushes him away with all her might.
"Nothing right now," Keith answers longingly.
Taylor almost smiles. Keith could really make her zap out of anything.
"Keith, this is wrong. I am in love with Ian," Taylor says lovingly.
"And I am in love with… kissing you."
"Don't say that…"
"Why not? You loved it… I can feel it."
"It was a mistake..."
"It was a good kiss."
"It was a wrong kiss. Didn't you learn anything from the fairy tales? You only kiss the people you love…" Taylor said as she walked away from the corner that had somehow transformed into their hidden world, a few moments ago.

An eerie silent drops in on them suddenly. The only sound around them is of Taylor's heels against the tiled floor which slowly molds with the silence as well as she halts. Slowly, almost as if she were scared, she turns around to face Keith who is staring at his shoes. His tie already loose around his collar, he looks like a lonely lost child. Taylor divided into yelling and running to him stands her ground as she feels the nervousness take her breath away.

"It's true… " Keith says and both of them understand what he means.
"Keith…" she breathes his name.
"I think I love you Taylor. I love you. I do," Keith says as he moves toward her.

Taylor is drunk around the words he just uttered as he kisses her again. He is pulling her toward him. He is breaking her into million pieces. He is fixing her whole again. She kisses him back unable to push the tears away from her eyes.

"Hey, what's wrong? Why are you crying?" Keith asks brushing the teardrops away.
"I don't… I don't love you Keith. I love Ian. I am in love with Ian." Taylor whispers and Keith feels the hole inside him that was filled just a few seconds ago grow bigger and deeper. Of course she didn't love him. How could she?


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