Haunted By Thoughts of the Past

A piece describing the place where a drug addict ended up and then came to himself that life can be better if the right decisions are made. It was my truth that got me off track in life. According to my truth, was it was ok to do drugs, be irresponsible, live off folk, and be homeless. The real truth is how I got free.
Enraged, I exist to push forward,
Plan to do right, turns out wrong...
Sitting at a cold bus stop, at twilight,
Drowning in my own silent tears,
Haunted by thoughts of the past.

I couldn't have it my way,
So many wasted years,
Man! The things we fall into that weren't planned!
I had become the very thing I dreaded,
Haunted by thoughts of the past.

But I’ve heard that there is hope for those of us,
Still in the land of the living,
The true essence of hope for me,
Was a power greater than myself!!
I am no longer haunted by thoughts of the past.

I now look forward to what the future holds,
No longer bound by the spirit of fear,
No longer addicted to the past,
I am moving forward once again…
Truth, the truth has made me free.
Published: 3/31/2014
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