Have I Loved and Lost?

Don't give up on love even if you feel like you've had your chance.
Have I already loved and lost you?
Did my actions cause you pain?
Am I forever out of chances?

You asked to hold my hand,
But I turned away and ran,
I should have said 'yes' and taken hold.

All that I would say to you,
Could never express all that I feel,
Nor repair the pain so real.

It's not fair for me to want you,
When you have given me everything,
But I can't help thinking MAYBE.

Maybe you can forgive me,
You just want my heartfelt apology,
To get down and surrender.

Holding my breath waiting for a reply,
I'm not sure I should have tried,
Why should you forgive me.

Why should I have a happy ending,
Weren't you enough at first,
Much less times two and three.

I can say I was young,
Maybe even somewhat insecure,
But you didn't need to feel it too.

Where are you now?
Do I have a place in your life,
Or have I loved and lost you.
Published: 1/2/2013
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