He Stepped Out of the Cave

Dedicated to Evang. Mike Bamiloye on his birthday, 13-04-2017.
In a cave of loneliness and solitude,
There lived a man full of altitude,
Bending at all times was all he knew,
His real height, he never knew.

As a mighty wind blew one day,
A bold step he took without delay,
He had to learn to stand and not bend;
His new life, he just must learn to tend.

Just to know the cause of the noise,
He had to make that gallant choice;
That choice of stepping out of the cave;
The cave made of isolated and remote pave.

Stepping out, he realized how tall he is,
To him, bending had always been with ease,
Standing was also not all that easy though,
His lofty height seems amazing to know.

The choice of stepping out of the cave,
Gave birth to the Christian Drama wave,
He realized that the wind and the noise,
Was a call to be completed with his voice.

Happy birthday to this Great Evangelist,
A Daddy, Mentor, and Christian Dramatist;
May your years increase in multiple power,
Until in the sky, you reach that eternal tower.
Published: 4/17/2017
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