Head Cold Remedies for Pregnant Women

Looking for some effective head cold remedies for pregnant women? This article will give you some effective natural remedies for head cold while a woman is expecting a baby. Read on...
Pregnancy is the time wherein a woman's body becomes prone to many illnesses and diseases which wouldn't have been an issue otherwise. One of the health issues that a pregnant woman is likely to encounter is head cold. Now, head cold is not the same as common cold, and can create quite a lot of discomfort for the expecting mother. Head cold while pregnancy, and otherwise too, occurs due to viral infection that ends up blocking the upper respiratory system. This can cause many bothersome head cold symptoms like blocked nasal passage, blocked throat and even blocked ears. One may feel constant heaviness in the head and also experience a dull headache. Other accompanied symptoms that may occur are sneezing, coughing, accumulation of phlegm in the throat, excessive mucus secretion from the nose, fever, heaviness and so on. The reason why head cold becomes all the more troublesome in a condition like pregnancy is because it is not the only problem that an expecting mother is facing! There is a feeling of nausea, vomiting, mood swings, body aches that already exist, and head cold just adds on to it! Although there are many medicines available in the market which can be used to get some relief, they must be consumed with care and precaution as it may cause harm to the baby. Therefore, it is best to go for some natural head cold remedies.

What are Some Effective Cold Remedies for Pregnancy?

Considering the fact that the patient that we are dealing with is a pregnant woman, a lot of care and caution needs to be taken in terms of what medicines she should consume to get some relief for any health condition..., which in this case, is head cold! Usually this condition doesn't last for more than a 2 weeks, but these two weeks may seem to be like 2 months if the symptoms are extremely bothersome! In such a situation, it is best to go for some trusted homemade head cold remedies. These are discussed as under.

Steam Inhalation
The main problem that one suffers with head cold is the constant feeling of blocked nose, ears and throat. Inhaling hot steam with a few drops of eucalyptus in the water would help you get some relief from the congestion. You can either use a vaporizer for inhaling steam, or simply boil water with a few drops of eucalyptus and inhale the steam covering the head with a towel over it. This helps in inhaling the steam properly thereby stopping it from releasing out in the atmosphere. Take extra care while doing so, as there are chances that the boiling water may spill over. You know what the best part about this remedy is? It also works great for opening skin pores and keeps our skin healthy and glowing.

Keep Yourself Well Hydrated
Drinking loads of fluids and keeping yourself well hydrated also helps in getting some relief from head cold. This helps the body in two ways, firstly, it helps in replenishing your body as a lot of fluids are lost due to mucus drainage, and secondly, it helps in flushing away the harmful toxins present in the body! Drink lots of water, fruit juices and citrus solution. Also drink warm liquids like lemon and ginger tea and chicken soup. It helps in building a stronger immunity.

Salt Water Gargle
If you are experiencing symptoms like sore and itchy throat with a constant feeling of congestion due to phlegm, then gargling with warm salt water would prove to be of help. All you need to do is to take about 1 teaspoon of table salt with 1 cup warm water. Mix the solution and use it to gargle and try to take the water till the back of your mouth. Repeat the process at least 4 to 5 times in a day to get noticeable relief!

Use Warm Compressions
Head cold may also lead to constant pain and swelling around the eyes. Using heat packs to compress the affected area also proves to be helpful in getting relief from constant pain and swelling around the face due to head cold. All you need to do is to take a bowl of warm water and dip a towel into it. Squeeze the towel mildly and place it on your head and around the eyes. You will definitely feel much better.

Saline Nasal Spray
Using saline nasal spray before going to bed everyday will help in opening up the blocked nasal passage and help in getting you some peaceful sleep. You can buy a saline nasal spray from the market or make one at home yourself! All you need to do is to mix 4 cups of warm water with a 1 teaspoon of salt and put the solution in your nostrils using a dropper. After 4-5 minutes, forcefully exhale the nose so that the mucus drains out! Isn't it a simple and effective home remedy for head cold?

The remedies mentioned above are certainly safe for pregnant women and can help in getting some relief. Although, considering the pregnancy, it is best to avoid taking chances. Therefore, you must consult with your health care specialist before taking any medications. An additional tip in this condition would be to keep your head elevated while lying down. This helps in lesser drainage of the mucus towards the throat. It is also advised to take plenty of rest which will help in relaxing your body. If the condition is still bad, consult your health care specialist as soon as possible! Take care.
By Shalu Bhatti
Published: 2/28/2011
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