Headache After Exercise

A headache after exercise is bound to occur if you follow a wrong exercise strategy. This might also happen due to an underlying health disorder. Read ahead to know the details and the possible treatment for this.
A headache after exercising usually happens due to strenuous movement of the body. Beginners often commit the mistake of jumping to rigorous workouts rather than beginning with mild moves. This leads to a drop in the blood sugar level or sudden rush of blood to brain, causing a headache and muscle fatigue also. It's like a shock to the body, not able to tolerate the sudden changes. If you are already suffering from migraine, there are chances that exercise will trigger the pain. The reasons are elaborated in the following content.

Reasons Behind a Headache After Exercise

Aggressive Workout: If you get a throbbing headache after exercising, then you might be definitely going wrong in your exercise regimen. Vigorous movements for long hours can cause a headache. A sudden headache is more often felt if you change your exercise from mild to more strenuous. This causes dilation of the blood vessels, resulting in a headache. This is more observant if you are suffering from migraine.

Drop in Blood Sugar: If you exercise for long hours without sufficient intake of food, it can cause a headache. This is often observed if you exercise in the morning and then keep your stomach empty till afternoon. Leaving the stomach devoid of food for 5 hours causes nausea and persistent headaches.

Dehydration: This is one of the common reasons behind frequent headaches. You are bound to get a headache if you workout during the summer season and do not drink sufficient water throughout the day. Your body is unable to utilize the energy if your system is not properly hydrated. Thus, leading to fatigue and headache.

Nerve Injury: A sudden headache can be a symptom of nerve injury or pulled nerves. This often goes unnoticed and you feel the pain all of a sudden. Inadequate warm up at the beginning is the main reason behind chronic headaches. Your body loses flexibility and the muscles get stretched, causing severe headaches.


Change in workout regimen and improving lifestyle is definitely one of the best headache remedies. There are other treatments that help you to get rid of headaches. They are mentioned below.

A Good Warming Up: Proper warming up is important for preventing headache after exercise. It makes the body flexible prior to engaging yourself to workout. Try some mild stretching to eliminate exercise induced headaches. A brisk walk or jogging also helps.

Start Slowly: You should never start exercising vigorously. Plan out the regimen first. Start with moves that increase flexibility of your body. Bending and stretching help a lot. If you are over 40, you might be at a risk of hurting yourself. Therefore, take advice from a fitness trainer to avoid a headache and muscle sprains after exercise.

Hydrate Yourself: Drink plenty of water after exercise. This improves the condition of health and stops headaches. Keeping yourself hydrated also allows you to stay fit. For this, you need to drink at least 10 glasses of water daily. This is the best natural remedy for headaches.

Avoid Stooping Too Much: If you have a headache or you are suffering from migraine, avoid bending or stooping your head continuously. This causes disturbance in the flow of blood. Instead, concentrate on movements that ensure straight body posture.

Doctor's Help: If you have persistent headaches, make sure you consult your doctor for the right treatment. Proper treatment is capable of curing a headache. Therefore, get yourself diagnosed to rule out the underlying disorder.

A headache after exercise becomes severe when it becomes persistent. Gentle pain can be stopped if you follow the aforementioned remedies. A proper workout regimen along with adequate food is quintessential to keep your body fit.
By Saptakee Sengupta
Published: 7/19/2010
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