Tips to Design Your Own Headstone

Words fail us when we wish to discuss something related to death. Nonetheless, I am making an attempt to tell you how you can design your headstone. It is a little fatalist, I know? But it might be fun to try out, right? Read on...
Are you the kind who hates to relinquish control? Rest In Peace, knowing that the ultimate control can lie in your hands alone. Your headstone is the last side of you, that you can exhibit to the world. Why let some annoying relative or immature offspring design it? Join the DIY (Do It Yourself) clan and design your own tombstone. So, shall we begin?

Tip # 1
It is a lasting reflection of your personality. So, make it compatible with you. Like, hypothetically, Jim has designed his own tombstone. Whenever any one sees his headstone, they think to themselves, "This is so Jim!". Let's face it, no one else can accomplish this, only you can. Like, if you are a nature lover, you can have a pretty outdoor motif or if you have been into boxing, you can have it in the shape of boxing gloves. Your headstone should be a metaphor of you, your life and your passions.

Tip # 2
Personalize your headstone in your own style. They always have the name, birth and death date of the individual. Yes, slightly restrictive. But is it? You can decide the font and the size that you would like it in. You can decide if you want colors on it, if you want it painted, carved or embossed. You can have it in the center or along the edges. Whatever you decide, it will be your choice!

Tip # 3
Most tombstones these days have epitaphs or quotes. You could do that, select the quote that you would like. What would be the last thing that you want to say to the world? It doesn't need to be a quote by someone famous. You may have a certain dialog that you mutter, something like a patent dialog could be a good idea for inscription. You could have that engraved on your headstone. Let's see who has the last laugh now!!

Tip # 4
If you have a tattoo on your body, you can have that design engraved on the headstone, as well, to make sure that, that design stays with you forever. If you don't have a tattoo, there most probably will be a certain design or drawing that you love more than all else in the world. Get that design engraved. So that everyone knows that, that was the design you wanted to hold forever.

Tip # 5
You could have a note to the world, engraved on your tombstone. If you think that a quote is not enough, and want to say some more to the world when they cannot retaliate, put it on your headstone. I actually saw one, wherein the man had written a love letter to his wife. It was almost like he immortalized his love forever. You could try leaving a note for all your friends or for anyone who is reading. It could be a certain lesson that changed your life or a poem that you wrote, when you were all alone. You can put it on your tombstone and make it yours forever.

All these tips are just guidelines. Like I said in the start, it is your tombstone, you can make it the way you like it. So get to it, design your headstone and have the last word!! This is where I sign off!! Happy Designing!!
By Rashida Khilawala
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