Healthy Weight for Men

The following article will throw some light on the concept of 'healthy weight for men', which will help you to determine whether you need to shed off those extra pounds or put on a few. Continue reading to know what is the healthy weight for men.
In the fast paced world that we live in, we seldom get time to sit back and think about our health, and when we do get time, one of the major concerns we are subjected to is our body weight. Studies suggest that being overweight or underweight is likely to be a sign of some underlying medical condition, and therefore shouldn't be taken lightly. In order to keep a check on your weight, you need to be well versed with the concept of healthy body weight. One thing to keep in your mind, however, is the fact that the healthy weight for men is bound to differ from the same for women, as there are several points of distinction between the two genders.

What is a Healthy Weight for Men?

The term 'healthy weight' refers to the ideal body weight of the individual in proportion to his age and height. The range of healthy weight is defined after taking into consideration the various underlying factors, such as the build of the individual, and his dietary habits. If an individual's weight far exceeds the stipulated amount, the condition is referred to as obesity, and this condition can make you vulnerable to a range of severe health issues. Similarly, being underweight, i.e. the condition wherein the individual's weight is far less than stipulated, is also considered to be a symptom of some or the other underlying health issue. That is the reason your weight is monitored during the medical check ups. In the field of medical science, an individual's body mass index is taken into consideration in order to determine whether the person is overweight, underweight or within the required weight range. This technical part of BMI calculation is a bit complicated for a layman to understand, and that is where weight charts come into the picture.

How to Calculate Healthy Weight for Men?

The average weight for males is around 110 lb for 5 ft. Taking that into consideration, you can easily calculate and check whether your body weight is proportionate to your height or not. Starting from 110 lb for 5 ft, you can add 6 lb, (if you are taller than 5 ft), or subtract 6 lb, (if you are shorter than 5 ft), for every inch of height. For instance, if your height is 5 ft 2 inches, your body weight will be 110 lb ( for 5 ft) plus 12 lb (6 lb for a single extra inch) i.e. 112 lb. The average weight is considered to be within the range of 10 percent the final figure you derive. If this calculation seems to be complicated, the weight charts given below will make the task easy for you.

Weight Chart for Men by Age and Height

Weight Chart for Men by Age
Our body weight is governed by several factors, and age is one of them. That being said, monitoring the weight in context of the individual's age can turn out to be an important tool of assessment that of individual's health. Given below is a chart of the ideal weight from men according to their age.

Age Group Healthy Weight
18-19 160
20-29 168
30-39 179
40-49 182
50-59 185
60-69 184

Weight Chart for Men by Height
Height plays a significant role in determining the weight of the individual. Height weight ratio is yet another popular measure of assessing the person's health. Given below is the average height weight ratio chart for men.

Height Healthy Weight Range
5 ft 1 in 123 to 145 lb
5 ft 2 in 125 to 148 lb
5 ft 3 in 127 to 151 lb
5 ft 4 in 129 to 155 lb
5 ft 5 in 131 to 159 lb
5 ft 6 in 133 to 163 lb
5 ft 7 in 135 to 167 lb
5 ft 8 in 137 to 171 lb
5 ft 9 in 139 to 175 lb
5 ft 10 in 141 to 179 lb
5 ft 11 in 144 to 183 lb
6 ft 0 in 147 to 187 lb
6 ft 1 in 150 to 192 lb
6 ft 2 in 153 to 197 lb
6 ft 3 in 157 to 202 lb

This was brief information about the concept of healthy weight for men. While determining whether your weight is proportionate to your age and height, you also need to take the other factors that govern your body weight into consideration. More importantly, one needs to understand the fact that the term 'healthy weight' here is not a universal term, and hence is bound to differ from one country to another. For instance, the average weight for men in the United States is 190.9 lb, while the same for the people in Chile is 166.7 lb.
By Abhijit Naik
Published: 5/28/2010
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