Heart of Fire

Finally the desire to live under the freedom of a heart on fire.
Set alight the source that pumps blood through our bodies,
That as every vain is rejuvenated,
It will be filled with a power unimaginable.

Lord let us have a heart of fire,
Pour out your bearer of gifts into the pores of our spirit,
That our blemishes from life's hardships,
Will make us radiate as your workmanship,
Your masterpiece.

You sought before the creation of the universe,
That you would love us so much,
That we would feel your fire fall on us,
Encapsulate us in your arms of mercy.

Cocoon us in your heart of grace,
And birth this butterfly to the image of You,
Beautiful, set apart, appointed to show your wonders.

Let no man wander in the world’s desire,
But hunger for your heart’s desires,
Instill within us a grill my Father,
That we may cook your Word.

Feeding love to those who are desolate and isolated,
Those who are starved with the feeling,
Of being forgotten and worthless,
The smoke that releases from our hearts,
Will leave a fragrance tainted with your blood.

Salvation, Restoration, Healing, Overcomers,
Will be attracted and encouraged,
Yes Lord, let the match of life give light to the truth,
You set my heart on fire,
Let me not hide it.
Published: 11/24/2012
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