Hearts And Roses

After the anger comes compromise.
I never said it would be roses,
Never said it was easy to love,
When a darkness always lurks,
Casting shadows upon our hearts.

Words don't always bring wisdom,
Sometimes they speak foolish thought,
And I know that I have been a fool,
To hold so much pride in my heart.

Sometimes we float on open waters,
Drifting ever further apart,
In a silence that is deafening,
Save the beat of an angry heart.

Yet sometimes love must be tested,
It's a dangerous road that we tread,
But if we share that road together,
Then our hearts need hold no regret.

So let the roses bring compromise,
Let's open our eyes from the dark,
And let's share again the love inside,
And chase the shadows from our hearts.
Published: 7/2/2016
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