Heather Bell

A little Highland love story.
Come now, gather round, I've a story for tell,
About a bonnie lassie that I knew, oh so well,
The daughter of a laird, she lived down in the dale,
Known to us by the name of Heather Bell.

She wandered the shire with flowers in her locks,
In the shadow of the Ben, by the water's of the loch,
She always walked barefoot, 'though she was of noble stock,
This lass known to us as Heather Bell.

One day, while out walking, a stranger she did meet,
He was handsome as a deity and did sweep her off her feet,
He took her hand and kissed it, so politely he did greet,
This lass known to us all as Heather Bell.

Her heart did a-flutter when she heard he stranger's name,
He said, "I am McGregor, from McGregor's lands I came,
Some call me the Devil and the Devil's son I am,
Kate Campbell, come with me, my Heather Bell!"

He swept her off her feet onto his stallion's back,
She struggled with her captor, but alas, to no effect,
Held tight to his bosom, his grip she couldn't break,
As he rode into the night with Heather bell.

Enemies as sworn, by the birthright of their clans,
She vowed to make him miserable, she vowed to thwart his plans,
She swore she would one day escape, this Devil of man,
Who'd made a prisoner of Heather Bell.

He took her to his stronghold in the misty isle of Skye,
Where he did treat her like a lady, many gifts he plied,
And slowly, as the time past, he knew that by and by,
That he would win the heart of Heather Bell.

Despite bad blood between them and a history of hate,
She cannot ignore his tenderness, nor his fiery gaze,
A stare that left her breathless, a stare that sealed her fate,
A stare that stole the heart of Heather Bell.

She pondered in her mind's eye, this handsome Devil's soul,
That fueled her fiery passion to warm her from the cold,
And 'though the Lord forbade it, she let her love unfold,
For this Devil stole the heart of Heather Bell.

This Devil called McGregor, known as Callum to his kin,
Made a bride of Kate Campbell, who'd fell in love with him,
And before too long a boy was born, Robert was he named,
Born of the Devil and Heather bell.

Now I must end my story, my story it must end,
About the fairest maiden my eyes have ever seen,
I placed my heart into her hands as she gave hers to me,
I'm the Devil who stole the soul of Heather Bell.
Published: 8/20/2011
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