Heaven And Hell

Science verses religion. What is life?
Mystery meanders through the corridors of enigma,
Chased by Messrs, Science and Logic,
Meanwhile religion showers its stigmata,
Throwing confusion on the whole miserable subject.

Theories abound in a wanton abandon,
Yesterday's gospel is tomorrow's white lies,
Today's understanding begs yesterday's pardon,
A new theory is born as the old theory dies.

The Alter's laboratory experiments with faith,
The laboratory's alter takes symbols as fact,
Intellect is a labyrinth, completely misplaced,
It seems common sense is the Joker of the pack.

Fire and brimstone, or matter of fact,
Science and philosophy, religion and faith,
The soup's still primordial, fundamentally basic,
Preachers and scientists still argue the wraith.

Spirits and demons, Gods of the parchment,
The physics of quantum make anything possible,
The passage of time is a relative argument,
Are we here? Are we there? Are we anywhere plausible?

Faith verses science, a debate from the pulpit,
Both sides of the divide have their stories to tell,
Life is a metaphor, existence is finite,
Life is the parody between Heaven and Hell.
Published: 5/31/2012
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