Heavenly Home

This is about my mother-in-law who passed away on October 23rd, 2009. May she rest in Peace.
As Mother's Day nears,
Our eyes fill with tears.
Our dear mother has gone home,
Nevermore to roam.

She was laying in hurt and pain,
Now she's walking hand in hand with the Lord, with everything to gain.
She used to tell us one day she was going home to that golden land,
And now she has, and she can even stand.

I guess I should be happy for her, and I know I am.
That she is with Jesus and she's holding his hand.
What I wouldn't give to hug her, and tell her I love her one more time,
But all I can do is pray and remember this is not goodbye.

I loved her more than words could say,
And she will live in my heart forever and always.
Did you think that this described things that would go on?
I think it about covers it.
Published: 3/15/2010
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